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  • ajay ajay Oct 27, 2008 12:23 Flag

    Rafa got it Spot On !

    Totally agree - for this game.
    Playing Masch at the expense of one striker is a defensive tactic that can pay off well for us against top class opposition - like Chelsea, ManU, maybe Arsenal, Barca, Real - especially away from home.
    I wouldn't want us to use this tactic in home games, though. At home we neeed to be unbeatable and that means attacking, with two strikers and Gerard/Alonso as our midfield.
    I think the same defensive tactic against At Madrid nearly cost us when it became obvious At Mad were not the class team we were expexcting. We needed to change tactics in that game and didn't seem to be able to. Similar situation against ManC recently. We went in defensivly and ddin't seem to be able to change to attack mode when ManC proved to be less of a threat than we expected.
    It is great to see Babel being used as a central striker, too with Riera proving the goods on the left wing. At last we get to see Babel's real potential. Now if only Rafa can do the same with Kuyt. Use Penant on the right wing and keep Kuyt as one of 4 strikers - Torro, Keane, Babel and Kuyt. Other teams would then be drooling at our potential strike force.