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  • I am really starting to think that we made a huge boo-boo signing Keane. Thats because a certain Mr Babbel came on and looked fantastic yesterday. It really does show that Rafa may have been much better off investing in a proper right winger as we have Babel, Kuyt, Torres and Ngog already up front.

    To sum up, Babbel is a striker and NOT a left winger

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    • Robbie is NOT a lone striker. Part of why he prospered at Tottenham was because he had Berbatov to link up w/. Gerrard playing behind Keane is not the same. We should have been in 4-4-2 against Tottenham if we wanted to be a threat. That's how Kuyt scored 2 of our 3 last week. Berbatov's success came from Keane creating plays for him because we had 2 creative players up top. It doesn't help Torres got injured just as the 2 were starting to click. Once we go 4-4-2 and we have 2 players that can create something up top the goals are going to come (for Keane as well).

    • I think that buying Keane is a good thing. You could see last night why Babel drives Rafa nuts (and the rest of us too) - really inconsistent but does show flashes of genius.....but I think his attitude is not as good as it should be, he doesn't work hard enough! He could be a fixture in that team if he wanted, but from what I can see he doesnt want it enough!

    • He hasn't hit the ground running that's for sure but a mistake.. hardly. He is not in the league of Torres but he can still be a major player. We are after all 10 premier games into the season. How long did it take Crouch to score his first goal and he was pretty successful... Theres a mistake

    • i don think so... he is good player & as long as liverpool win, who score isn't matter.

    • I gotta admit that we've made some improvement from last few seasons and am happy with our performance for now...well, I am not sure whether I said this too early? We were top at this time last season as well...but at least we managed to beat Chelski and Manure. :) Rafa may be spot on in the Chelski game but he got too many mistakes on others...I still think we need some decent right winger...the rest are ok but we lack width...


    • What spurred you to make such a statement ttkcs?

      We have been grinding out results lately. OK, that may be more to do with players' attitude than manager motivation, but what about tactics. Didn't Rafa got it spot on in the game against Chelsea?

      Besides, I cannot think of a decent manager who can work under the yanks and Parry. If the yanks go and DIC come in, yes, may be we can afford to look elsewhere, but there are too few around who are better than Rafa and are available!

    • I am sure we will not win a title with Rafa in charge, looking at the way we play. Don't get me wrong...I have been supporting Rafa before this season, I think he has had his time here. We are winning because our players are high in confidence now and luck! Well, I guess we all need luck in anything including football..but it doesn't always on your side though. But results count! At least we are top of the table, FOR NOW...

      I HOPE I AM WRONG on the above...

    • First off, there is few clubs who could buy any player in the 20M category, so maybe your right, but I'm sure there are plenty of clubs out there who'd love to have a player like Keane on their books. Just ask Ramos how much he thinks Keane is worth.

      Second, I understand your point that you think we should have spent the money on a winger, but not sure I agree. Its true that Pennant is not a world class winger, but then again he did not cost world class either, he's also not a regular starter. Kuyt has, and is likely to be the starter on the right. The way the squad is balanced right now, and how well Kuyt is going right now, I'm not sure a 20M winger would displace him. But if he did, I'm sure those who were on Kuyt's back not so long ago, but are now singing his praises would also be spouting off on why we wasted money on a winger when Kuyt was doing such a fine job.

      I'm not saying I'd not like more goals from Keane, but I also try to measure the worth of a player not only on individual stats, but how he fits into an overal team. Fact is, we've had 3 players come in new who seem to have got regular appearences, Keane, Riera, and Dossena. At least one if not all 3 must be having an impact as we seem to be doing quite well right now.

      But, having said all that, don't you think its a little unfair to judge any player after only 9 league matches? How many goals are you expecting from Keane, how many assists, or how many anything else you want to use to judge him? I'd say Xmas is when you might have enough to say he's making a difference or not, although I think he's already contributing. But maybe you have less patience than me. Maybe I can ask what you thought of Crouchie when he first came. Were you in the patient crowd or not? But also, did you get on the bangwagon once he started banging them in, or were you at least consistent?

    • We have had two significant additions too our starting eleven Keane and Riera. The way we have played this season has not really clicked in yet but look where we are ! I think both of these players have made a big difference to the team as a whole . We are more balanced inventive and industrious. If anyone thinks Keane is not worth 20 m go and get yourself some more grapes.
      I think he has done great for us and creates space for Kuyt etc more of the same please.

    • sunny, if I recall correctly, Rafa only spent about £6m for Pennant with the transfer deadline looming, and only because he couldn't get his primary target at the time which I think was Simao.

      Rafa had to settle for second best on this occasion....

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