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  • ...Diop, is now a goalkeeper...............could only happen to LFC.

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    • To be honest this whole discussion is breaking down. So Sean thinks we got lucky, so he thinks that Liverpool generally get more good luck than bad. Fine that's his opinion, and he's welcome to it, even if many of us disagree.

      Getting a penalty which allows a goal to win match is lucky, but so is any mistake that costs a goal. And, its mistakes that often cost clubs points often times. Sometimes it takes a bit of luck to get a result, and it takes a bit of luck to win a title, and if we are getting some now, then so be it, long may it continue. But luck alone is never going to win us, or even allow us to challenge for the title. And, I don't think its luck alone that has us in first place.

      While we were not at our best last night, and for some reason could not find that final touch dispite numerous chances, to get a goal from open play, I don't think its unfair to say we had the run of play for the majority of the match. Yes Pompy had a few chances, which they squandered, but they were far outnumbered by the chances we wasted. So getting the full points on balance seems fair, even if some think that some luck was involved. But at the end of the day, its another 3 points, which keeps us 3 ahead of Chelsea, now 6 ahead of the gunners, and 8 ahead of the Mancs. That's all I care about right now.

    • yep diop was pure stupidity. Sums it up pretty much.

      To me Luck is something that happens by Chance as per deflected goal.

      It wasnt by chance he handballed it it was stupidity and bad play by Diop, Hypia lost him with the run to the front post

    • Sean,

      If we had not scored and it finished 0-0 we still would have been top of the league!.by a single point.

      As for luck? Luck is when it hits a defenders leg and balling going wide sends the keeper the other way and the ball trickles in.

      A player committing a foul in the box is not luck its part of the game. Was it luck that he jumped arms first towards the ball, was it luck he got his hands infront of Hypia and was it look that ball just happened to hit his hand? Of course not.

      Diop went to make a challenge against Hypia and got it all wrong and gave away penalty.

      Would it have been a lucky penalty if hypia had headed it and the guy on the line used his arm to save a goal?

      As for the game we will never know if Liverpool would have scored if Diop hadnt handballed.

    • Sure it was lucky that Diop handled the way he did , but my god things are going our way this year so far :D Any great team needs luck aswell as skill and winning mentality to win the premiership and im notone of these supporters that thinks we are definatley going to win it this year .But .... it's the first time in years where i think we can challenge and thats good enough for me , lets see how we fare after xmas the more we keep winning ( granted even when we are not playig at the level we can ) only helps to give that much more hope to supporters :D

    • You make your own luck !

    • handball in penalty area = penalty , converted penalty = goal , no goals conceded means score = 1-0 = 3 points

    • Another 90 minute winner for you lot as well Sean....

    • have liverpool really been blessed with a great deal of luck in the last few seasons? did we not run the game with far more shots and greater possesion? there player handled in the box, it's a rule that means that we got the three points that we deserved from the game.