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  • arnoldlayne arnoldlayne Nov 2, 2008 02:40 Flag

    Negative Tactics!


    we score after 3 mins and then expect to just defend the lead. playing alonso & mascarano was just so defensive from the start; understand it against a top side but bloody spurs. keane was supposed to be up front yet was often in the midfield, why? As for gerrard, just shameful, no influence, nothing. set peices? just wasteful. too many times, an attacker would have the ball on the edge of the area then pass it back 30 yrds. Rafa's subs were just as defensive, mascarano was spare most of the game. all those rival fans who said liverpool were too defensive to win (or at least challenge) the title just been proved right. I have always said Rafa sends his teams out not to lose rather than to win; a big mental difference. this was a shameful performance, shameful result. But this is just one defeat, I hope a wake-up call to Rafa and the players. still a long way to go but the players must learn from this. Finally, Kuyt, who I don't rate and have often said so, but today I did think he was the one player who had 'attack' in his head.

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    • O/T -

      Not trying to be rude or anything, but you're too young to be a Floyd fan. Where do you get the handle from?

    • Insult my intelligence if you will, it means squat to me.

      I've just seen my fair share of p1sstakers in my time on here to have serious doubts about new ids like yours that go after the manager the minute a bad result appears. Did you even exist on here before last Saturday's game? So convenient that you surfaced when you did.

      I am skeptical of posters like you. You and Jose talking to each other even sound like one and the same person. To me anyway, you lack credibility.

      I agree, let's end this discussion. Put me on ignore, and I'll happily return the favour. Jose, you too. You're broken record about Rafa on this board is getting too bloody tedious, sure you mix it occasionally with some stuff that sometimes is worth reading. But that's few and far between. I'll get over it.

      So cheerio lads.....

    • haha its funny this board, rafa was a tactical genius before this week, now ur all slating his tactics, u only lost 1 game and it was bound to happen at a rejuvenated spurs.

    • 'you being older has nothing to do with it' - read Arnold's previous post on this thread where he accused me of just being out of nappies when we last won the title. That was the basis of my response Jose.

      Of course he is entitled to his opinion, as am I to disagree with it. Am I in any way depriving him of his right to express his opinion? I am discussing a football topic on a football forum.

      Take some chill pills then get back to me.....

    • I am older than your profile suggests you are.

      You're right, stats are annoying. Especially when they contradict you're argument. Even Spurs fans are agreeing with me ffs.

      I don't defend Rafa to the hilt, and like you I still doubt his ability to deliver the one we all want most. That's where you misjudge me. But this thread was about Saturday's game, and Saturday's game alone. And I'm sorry, but I think negative tactics on Saturday was just b0llox.

    • If the truth be told, you(scousers) didn't have negative tactics in place. I watched the game and it seemed attack attack attack. If there was 10 minutes left when we scored the 2nd im sure there would of been enough time for you to equalise. We love OUR negative tactics at Spurs when we go ahead. We always seem to do that. But at 90 minutes you had no chance. We had a good 20 minutes at the end where we came back into it but we finished our rare chances well. It did seem like WE were the away team.

      Liverpool will be a LOT closer to the top two this year. See you at Anfield chaps. Good luck to you i must just ask you one question which is of vital importance - Does any want a cheese sandwich?

    • Can you please show me where, in either of my two posts I said "we are cr@p?"
      I've supported LFC for 38 years, through thick and thin. As a TRUE supporter I express myself when things look bad, offering positive suggestions where possible.
      I have said, as many others are and have been saying for quite some time that we are far too negative SOMETIMES. I think against Chelski and ManU and the like we NEED to be "negative" or cautious so we play Masch and ALonso together but not against Spurs for goodness sake. My positive contribution - Gerrard and Alonso should have been our attacking midfield, with two strikers up front.
      I also said we make a huge number of "chances" nearly every week and questioned why we aren't winning by big margins in most games. I think the arrival of Torres has blinded us all to a major flaw in our team - either the attackers (apart from Torres) just aren't sharp enough to bury our chances OR we are really only making half chances, shooting from long range or tight angles where "better" teams may take that extra touch or pass to make a rock solid opportunity. The fact some of these miracle shots go in (thanks to the brilliance of SG and Xabi) is blinding us to a huge failing in our attack - either tactically or ability wise. Torresa return is most welcome but the problem remains - we need to be making and scoring real chances, not relying on miracle goals.
      As a true supporter I was up at 2:30 am watching the Spurs game and I will continue to get up in the wee small hours to watch our boys and I will be cheering just as hard as any of you at Anfield. Don't presume to question my loyalty to the cause.

    • Dissapointed!! Have been telling you guys that we are not gonna win the league with Rafa in charge...I like him as our manager but sometimes you gotta let go if you know he can't deliver the title for us. We did play like a champion for 70 minutes but the game ended in 90th minutes...our passing was good but not perfect (give Rafa 2 more seasons to sort that out?)...We are starting to crack but we will not lose against WBA next week, might be a draw though...

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      • As some of you correctly pointed out, we lacked the killer instinct to finish a game off. However, I disagree it was negative tactics! Without Torres, who do we have that have a killer instinct? Not Keane, not Babel, not Kuyt. So what can we do? If you do not have the players, you cannot have an attacking game plan! That's why Rafa had no choice but to play 4-5-1, playing Keane as the lone striker, I endorsed that game plan as the objective was not to lose away. We pushed our luck, but this time it was not in our favour.

        Lost one game is not the end of the world, we can still win the title if we manage to lose only 4 games and win the rest! So let's not throw in the towel!

        I still think we should continue our interest in Barry come January. He will be available on the cheap because he can pay 2m to buy his contract out! Dossena is a bit light-weight for my liking and I think Barry will be superb in the LB position, and play midfield should we want to rest Gerrard. Furthermore, I think we should definitely buy Owen back for 2m. Again, he can buy his contract out.

    • Usually Liverpool knick it at the death so this was a turn-around. I thought it was a well worked goal - not much you could have done better in defending against it. As you say - there's a long way to go yet.

    • Couldn't DISAGREE more Arnold. Bloody hell, someone's mighty peeved and just wants to hang it on someone.

      How can you say we were negative when Reina barely touched the ball in the first half and for a large part of the second? How can you say we were negative when we peppered their end with chances, hit the frame of their goal 3-4 times, just lacked the clinical finish?

      I think our luck finally ran out yesterday, and will take my hat off to Spurs for making the most of their limited chances (in comparison to ours I mean). You just can't argue with the result, and blaming Rafa or the players on this occasion I think is just plain daft. I took alot of encouragement from the performance yesterday, and with a Torres in there we probably might have stitched it up by halftime.

      Like the Chavs last week, we were going to lose eventually and take the resulting p1sstaking from all those twits who were DYING for the chance to rub it into us. We could well be better for it now that undefeated tag has been shed. Who cares if it was a resurgent Spurs that did it? I'd prefer that than the effing Mancs, that's for sure.

      Just suck in the result and back the team FFS, they are playing the best brand of football I've seen from them in years.


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