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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Nov 2, 2008 22:28 Flag

    Negative Tactics!

    Couldn't DISAGREE more Arnold. Bloody hell, someone's mighty peeved and just wants to hang it on someone.

    How can you say we were negative when Reina barely touched the ball in the first half and for a large part of the second? How can you say we were negative when we peppered their end with chances, hit the frame of their goal 3-4 times, just lacked the clinical finish?

    I think our luck finally ran out yesterday, and will take my hat off to Spurs for making the most of their limited chances (in comparison to ours I mean). You just can't argue with the result, and blaming Rafa or the players on this occasion I think is just plain daft. I took alot of encouragement from the performance yesterday, and with a Torres in there we probably might have stitched it up by halftime.

    Like the Chavs last week, we were going to lose eventually and take the resulting p1sstaking from all those twits who were DYING for the chance to rub it into us. We could well be better for it now that undefeated tag has been shed. Who cares if it was a resurgent Spurs that did it? I'd prefer that than the effing Mancs, that's for sure.

    Just suck in the result and back the team FFS, they are playing the best brand of football I've seen from them in years.