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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Nov 4, 2008 00:35 Flag

    Negative Tactics!

    If the truth be told, you(scousers) didn't have negative tactics in place. I watched the game and it seemed attack attack attack. If there was 10 minutes left when we scored the 2nd im sure there would of been enough time for you to equalise. We love OUR negative tactics at Spurs when we go ahead. We always seem to do that. But at 90 minutes you had no chance. We had a good 20 minutes at the end where we came back into it but we finished our rare chances well. It did seem like WE were the away team.

    Liverpool will be a LOT closer to the top two this year. See you at Anfield chaps. Good luck to you i must just ask you one question which is of vital importance - Does any want a cheese sandwich?