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  • colin colin Nov 2, 2008 22:36 Flag

    Negative Tactics!

    The best football youve seen us play in years ? How many years have u been supporting the team...Ive been a supporter for over fifty years and can honestly say this is the most boring stuff Ive ever seen served up by Liverpool FC thanks to the dull defensive tactics of Benitez. Wake-UP !!! Just about anybody could do a better job with this current squad than Benitez.

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    • At last someone share the same opinion as me but why it took so long to notice that Rafa is not the one to help us deliver the title?? In fact, there are so many fellow fans out there still living in dreamland, hoping for the title? We are second on the table YES, but it's only 11 games in the season...
      And regarding the quote: "The best football youve seen us play in years ?:...He must have supported Liverpool since 2004...

    • Try a bit of perspective Colin. I've been supporting LFC since the late seventies since you ask, but THIS season, what I've seen from the team is better than anything I've seen from them this millennium at least. That's 'years' isn't it?

      I cannot believe people are slating Rafa for defensive tactics in yesterday's game. There wouldn't be a peep out of any of these people if one of those shots hitting the woodwork found the net. It's just convenient to make Rafa the scapegoat when the players did everything they could but find the net.