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  • Exactly Gary, it is a long road to go yet, 3/4 in fact.

    Jose, please put me on ignore, I am not interested in hearing your responses to my posts nor am I interested in responding to you either. You only come on here to criticise and when we are on top you are invisible. This is why I know you are P&S and why I know you are a baffoon.

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    • Has he posted? I've got him on ignore as he's spamming the Chelsea board and obviously overrates his own intelligence. Perhaps he walks around saying obrigado? I wonder how many times he's been slapped for that? Oh well, we were all kids once.

      Indeed, Alan; only 11 of 38 games have passed. Amazingly Hull already have 20 points, the supposed "safe" mark being 40 to avoid relegation. The Tigers' fans will be well happy. Yorkshire's finest?

      I think Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U are all still in the race. I've written off Arsenal but I've been wrong before. Looks like being a battle at the bottom: Spurs and Newcastle appear to have recovered from a shaky start and Notlob got 2 late goals to beat Man City. Stoke have pulled off the occasional upset but will that be enough?