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  • colin colin Nov 3, 2008 21:06 Flag

    Negative Tactics!

    Ricky Ysorry mate u are 100% wrong on the assumption that Kuyt Babel and Keane possessno killer instinct . These are all strikers first and foremost its what they were when we boughtthemfromtheir former clubs and all had decent goal scoring stats to recommend them. Benitez converted them all to CHASE-BACK MIDFIELDERS...bit difficult to score toomany goals when chasing back inmidfield becomes your primary function for theteam..also u seem to confirm the idea that some of us detest eg that Benitez sends his teams out there , perticularly away from home even against clueless outfits like Spurs to NOT LOSE rahter than to ...WIN ! Im sure u would have appreciatedthe old BORING ARSENAL of the late sixties early seventies era. Im hoping Benitez will advocate anall out attack strategyover the next games throughout Nov and just maybe we can consolidate at the top of the League....but I think Mr Rafa Benitez IS WAY TOO STUBBORN IN HIS POINT OF VIEW FOR THIS TO HAPPEN and fully expect to see him continue to playthe likes of Kuyt Babel and Keane out of position rathertha getting bodies into the box the danger zone and creating havoc for the opposition as allthreeare wellcapable of doing.