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    real madrid and spain midfielder ruben de la red collapsed in the 13th minute during their copa del rey fourth round match with real union.... real lost 3-2 to the minnows, but the real drama in the match occured when in the 13th minute of the tie in Irun, De la Red was running back towards the halfway line when, without anyone in close proximity, he suddenly fell face first on to the pitch and lay motionless. medical staff were quickly in attendance and the 23-year-old showed signs of movement as he was carried off on stretcher..... he regained consciousness in the dressing room and was taken to a local hospital...... "It appears that he fainted due to the physical effort he was putting in," Real's head of medical services Carlos Diez said.

    "He is going to stay in hospital overnight under observation and if there are no complications he will return to Madrid tomorrow. There, we will do more tests to determine the causes.

    "All tests at present are normal and he is without any problems."

    anyone remember the young antonio puerta who died last year? or was it the year before in la liga? now jose is glad that the same fate did not befall de la red, but this begs investigation into the training/diet regime, etc in the la liga..... we all know the stakes are VERY HIGH with astronomical money being pumped into the game.... but how far is too far? is this a case of side effects of performance-enhancing substances? let's hope platini and blatter start investigating REAL FOOTBALL ISSUES instead of running off at the mouth as usual..... obrigado friends!!!!!

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