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    NOT a penalty in a million year

    How much are you paying the refs?

    2 clear penalty against Carra and nothing given.

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    • It's simple Gerrard was brought down in the 18 yrd box therefore a penalty surely? Ok he did make a meal of it granted!! But the ref had a very bad game giving decisions that weren't fouls and missing fouls that should warranted free kicks or penalties..

    • if it was C.Ronaldo it would be a penalty and even a red card.

    • Do you mean it couldn't be reckless because he won it?

      I didnt say that. Of course you can win the ball but be reckless, a two footed tackle you may well win the ball but it doesn mean its ok.

      But i still dont see who you can call Gerrards Challenge reckless both players where going for the ball both players were jumping at the ball, just because Gerrard was faster and higher and got to the ball first it makes it reckless, so be it but by your account all ariel challenges are reckless cause one player will alway be higher, faster, stronger etc.

      I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one Robert! But its good to chat about football!

    • Do you mean it couldn't be reckless because he won it? How many booked defenders do you see complaining they got the ball? It's a factor, but not a compelling one.

      Or do you mean your judgement of it is simply that it wasn't reckless?


    • Robert,

      You missed my point,

      Of course an aerial challenge can be reckless in the same way as a tackle. If a player has no chance to win the ball or swings an elbow.

      But what i am saying every challenge has an element of risk to what may happen injury wise, but i can not see for the life of me how you could class gerrard winning the header reckless.

      Thankfully there are now very few reckless challenges in the EPL but when they do happen they are usually dealt with very quickly these days either by a red card or video trial.

    • Recklessness can't be defined in terms of heights and speeds and stuff - it's a judgement. My judgement in this case is clearly influenced by Sonko's challenge on Cudicini. This does not mean I think no player should be able to jump for a ball near a goalkeeper. Goalkeepers often do things rather recklessly too and normally referees fall over themselves to give them the benefit of any doubt.

      It's a judgement call. That's my judgement. Yours is different. We should each be able to respect that. But if your principle is that no aerial challenge for the ball can be deemed reckless then we'll have to disagree.


    • If and Buts Robert,

      Yes players have a responsibility do nothing stupid which may result in injury and most are covered in the laws of the game eg two footed challenges, Swinging elbows etc,

      But a player jumping challenging for the ball isnt reckless, you see these type of challenges all over the park, very often they result in clashes of the head, but is it dangerous or reckless no, its part of the game and most times its nothing, sometimes it clash of heads and on very rare occasion its results insomething very serious.

      But the same can be said of tackling. Is it reckless that a player slides into win a a ball. No but sometimes he misses the ball and catches the player, most times the player gets up, sometimes its a light injury and on the odd occasion the attacking players leg gets broken.

      Is it reckless that a player slighty missed timed a challenge?

      If by your comments the game of football would not exsist.

    • I called it reckless and I stand by that. You may judge it differently.

      I'd prefer serious injuries not to happen. I don't think sport is worth it. I don't think it's enough to say if it's not intentional it's okay. My son is constantly telling me "it was an accident!" and I'm constantly telling him "accidents happen when you aren't being careful enough". Players who get cards for going in with two footed tackles or studs up aren't normally trying to injure their opponent but they are being penalised for dangerous play - in other words a reckless challenge which may result in injury. That's how I see Sonko's challenge on Cudicini - and it resulted in bad injury - and Hunt's challenge on Cech, and that resulted in worse injury. And it's how I see Gerrard's challenge last night, although fortunately it didn't result in any injury. But if the Madrid defender had been a bit quicker Gerrard wouldn't have been able to pull out and either or both could have been injured.


    • Robert,

      You sound like Wenger! Football is a contact sport, yes serious injuries to happen its part of the game as long as its not done on purpose.

      But to call it dangerous play what Gerrard did is just daft.

      As for Cech and Cudicini there was nothing intential about either injury as a goal keeper you risk injury every time you leap in the air or challenge a striker 50/50, I know i have a few injuries to prove it!

    • Well thats a fine opinion Claire, as long as if Gerrard was handed a big fine, a 5 match ban etc etc that the other offenders are dealt with in the same manner. Somehow I dont think that will happen.

      Making an example of Gerrard would not end the problem and will not change the result, so unfortunately you might as well move on and worry about something else.

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