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  • ian s ian s Nov 5, 2008 17:48 Flag

    *hitbag pundit's

    why do they never call it what it is, CHEATING.

    yes it was a dive, but it was also cheating to gain an unfair advantage.

    if that was a penalty, I give up on football.

    gerrard cheated, plain and simple. if ANYONE says it wasn't they're kidding themselves but not anybody else.

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    • Gerrard was knocked off the ball in the air and ok he made a meal of it and over-reacted but neverless he was fouled in the box therefore an automatic penalty!!

    • at least he waits to be tackled first, unlike yakubu at anfield last year who dived before he was tackled, get over it you idiot

    • That was cheating in the same way ronaldo cheats, drogba cheats, lundberg used to cheat, inzaghi cheats, reyes cheats, and the list goes on and on. Don't get me started on defenders, especially at corners and set pieces.
      The latest is all this bullcr@p with some players runups when taking penalties and once again a certain CR figures very highly in that game.
      OK, what do you want to do about it?
      For mine, I'd ban most of the so-called pundits to start with. Most of them seem to be watching a different game (or living in a different world in David Pleat's case) to the one I watch anyway so they are little help in accurately calling the play.