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    To all the Chelsea, United and Everton Fans.

    This week has made some really interesting reading for me, due to the recent penalty incident the amount of he did it here he did it there and all the times referee's have favoured Liverpool events I find quite amazing that you guys know every little thing that happens in every Liverpool game. You must all watch them intensely so are you sure you are not following the wrong team?

    I as a Liverpool fan could not even tell you who scored for United or Chelsea or who the ref was at the weekend let alone 6 months ago. That is because I support and watch my team and quite frankly don't care what your results are so why are you so infatuated with our team?

    Apologies if this appears to be a wind up but I really am interested?

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    • "so why are you so infatuated with our team? "

      maybe they have fantasy football teams set up and need to know the assists and who scores. I know i do. And i WIN every time.

      Bread winner!

    • I'm suprised the three incidents in the first 18 minutes that went against Liverpool didn't get mentioned at all (i've included the Agger fall in the box but i've not seen a decent shot of that incident at all).

      These things happen, a few years ago it was Chelsea and the manks getting the rub of the green.

      Ultimately though the ref was really poor and shouldn't been reffing any other CL games if theres any justice left in the world.

    • Well you have only confirmed what all us good football fans have known for years, Liverpool fans know nothing about football in general. They are wrapped up in their own little bubble. Us real football fans will watch any game, regardless of who is playing. Its also called a healthy rivalry. Im guessing you arent from merseyside, because if you were, you would understand the banter and rivalry that goes on day in day out between Everton and Liverpool fans. I dont know why im so obsessed with Gerrard diving in the 92nd min and 34 seconds at the kop end, and that he then slotted the penalty to the keepers left, then celebrated for 13 seconds exactly with a smile on his face then mouthed the word 'yes as he arrived back at the halfway line.

    • Fair question......
      But to quote Robert M (sort of), we're just p1ssing everyone off, because we are joint top despite being a 'rubbish' team.
      And that just ain't sporting.....

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      • :) That's about it. Honesty may not make me popular...

        I was watching the Chelsea match the other night. Every so often they would put the scores of the other CL games on at the bottom of the screen. It was Liverpool 0 Madrid 1 for most of the match. The Man U supporter and I, united only in our resentment of Liverpool, were busy saying "what's the betting they get another flukey equaliser in the last minute *yet again* ". So when our match finished and they said "and there's a dramatic finish at Anfield" you could tell what was coming. And then they show Gerrard flying through the air on the end of one of his own crosses, taking out an innocent defender and getting a penalty instead of being sent off it just confirmed it all.

        Don't worry, when you fall apart like Arsenal are busy doing, after a few weeks taking the plss we'll all go away.