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  • OldBill OldBill Nov 11, 2008 21:41 Flag

    Greed & The Future

    LFC, MUFC, Chelsea...Arsenal - it doesnt matter who you support, when is the bubble going to burst ?


    ..the article may just be 'filler' for the web because there isn't going to be any real news for the next 7 weeks (transfer window/Man City) - but these sums of money are being paid WEEKLY to people.

    We are actually talking about 'multi-millionaires' playing for football clubs - clubs that were originally formed to form a connection with and promote a town or city's pride.

    How on earth are young people ever going to be able to afford or even get tickets for their local footy team when even the tickets that are available are not sold to 'locals' - but to the highest bidder on ticket sites..or is that the future ?

    ...millionaires watching multi-millionaires playing live football ?

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    • It's not clear to me that the Liverpools and Arsenals and Uniteds and Chelseas are "the local football team" for fans any more than they are for the players. For these few at the top the world has moved on a bit.


    • You already hear plenty of stories about real fans not being able to afford to go to matches especially in these credit crunch times.

      Its sad really that football has become so money mad. Its also sad that my mate (also a loyal and fanatical red) can't aford to go to a match, hes so RED sometimes it hurts. ;oD

      Unfortunately its a march that we'll not be able to slow down. The fans demand success (especially if you are a fan of a top four club) and that success takes money.

      What angers me more then anything (and it must make the mank fans more livid then myself) is that Ronaldo is basically holding the Manks to ransom over his pay rise. And he is not the only one raping his club, as the OT states, its everyone.

      I'm hoping it won't get to the point where we are priced out of a game. After all the clubs still need the little man to make the cash flow.

      [editted down from a huge, epic post] ;oD