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  • ian s ian s Nov 13, 2008 18:23 Flag

    just how stupid can someone be ?

    how can benitez defend the team he put out, when they got shat on from a very big height ?

    everything was poor, lets not even get started on the defending, everything was bad. if he thinks that some of those players are capable of stepping up a notch to play in the premiership ........?

    the man talks utter shyte. proper, full on bollocks.

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    • Like Ajay said.. "he's gotta support the players it's his job" If Rafa were to condemn our players publicily each time they played badly the media would have a field day !!

      I'm sure Rafa will give them a stern talking to in the changing rooms or when a team sheet is announced and those who've played poorly probably won't be on it.. thats punishment enough as players wanna play for the first team..

    • It's his job to try to defend his players publicly.
      Can you imagine how many people would have been on this board slagging Rafa off if he had said they were a bunch of shyte in public?
      We all know they played badly, some worse than others. As a collective unit they just weren't a unit. there are still a couple of individuals in there who may just make the grade, though. For example, a few weeks ago everyone was singing the praises of Agger and for the last few years Sami has been terrific at the heart of a rock solid defense. But, if you get no support from your full backs, and they didn't, then you are going to be made to look pretty ordinary.
      I think Lucas has the potential to play up a level. Alongside Alonso or Masch I think he could be OK. If he has to BE Alonso or Masch then no, he isn't ready for that responsibility.
      As for the others? Well, I'd give Torres another chance :-p
      Seriously, though I don't think much of the rest. Why do we have ElZahr, Nogo or Plessis on our books? Really?
      As for Babel, well. All the chances he is being given and all he has done for mine is show just how selfish a player he is. He seems to have no concept of team play, passing to a player in a better position rather than taking on 5 opponents, playing out wide to pull full backs out of the middle, chasing back to help your full back when you lose the ball,... The sooner we offload him the better unless he has a sudden overnight conversion and finally sees the light.
      One thing is for sure, though it pains me to say it - our 2nd team is nowhere near as good as Arsenals. They were just a joy to watch the other night and I hope our seconds all got a copy of the game to see how they should be playing.

    • Think it was a case of having to defend them, although last night's play was appalling, not a single leader pulling the team together, the defence was none existent, the mid field was static and run off the ball and torres just didn't get the service. All in all, I think Rafa wasn't overly concered about the cup, wasn't overly concered about being defeated as it gives us more time to concentrate on what really matters this season and the carling cup isn't it.....Although he really should have come out at the end and been honest about the state of play from the reserves last night....fair play to tottenham though, the walked all over us