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    Clueless FANS are still as blind as RAFA!


    Good afternoon kop-ites. Many will already know me as the elite leader and top poster of this group - my post history and legendary staus here attest to that FACT. For those that don't know me, shut your yaps, sit back and LEARN from the master who has seen LFC go from kings of the world to pathetic wannabes over the course of 30 years!

    Now, I was given a free VIP ticket to the Spuds game last night and frankly after the travesty of what i saw against a bottom-feeder like the Yids I feel like asking LFC for my precious time back! And, to add insult to injury it appears that YOU, the dumbest most deluded fans in football and the joke of a manager you still blindly support are still in denial about this clubs present and future which is sullying my club of over 30 years beyond redemption. Pi**ing over the memories of greatness bestowed upon us by the likes of Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan, Ronnie Moran and King Kenny!

    Here's some quotes for you MUPPETS to chew on from RAFA last night..

    "They are internationals and have quality,"

    "We had a lot of quality in that team and wanted to win."

    "We played well second half"

    Scousers and Plastics that shower isn't fit to wear the hallowed shirt - while you can see that Arsenal and the Mancs are set for years ahead with their breathtaking young talent at LFC all i see is a bunch of never-gonna-bes and a manager who is so BAD at bringing in and nurturing QUALITY he should be hauled in front of a judge for miscarriage of justice!

    The saddest thing is YOU want this fat Spanish waiter and all his garbage to stay for years to come and that my friends is why I have turned my back on YOU and this club that has no connection to the glory days i so fondly remember!

    Shame on you!!

    Premiership? You're 'avin' a LAUGH...

    Now -
    DIGEST and DISCUSS... if you dare!!

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    • obrigado!!!

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    • totaly agree get an english manager in and lets start nurturing ENGLISH TALENT

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      • Oh and how long did it take SAF to win his first title I think u will find it was around 5 yrs since taking charge.. and how long has Rafa been in charge? I think u will find thats been coming up 5 yrs !!! So what u gonna do when Rafa wins the league title? You'll come back proclaiming that Rafa is the man to be in charge.. u switch sides as often as I change my socks !!! If your a LFC red then stand by the team regardless, which includes Rafa otherwise go stay with your Manc buddies !! But leave us real LFC fans to discuss the team and not harp on about the past.. omg!!

        Yes we all know Shankly & Paisley were great managers so was Kenny D.. but how long did it take them to win their first league titles?

        Oh and another thing times back then were very different our current squad would beat teams of old purely because they're fitter and are on strict diets and the game has got much quicker.....

        So if u wanna compare P&S or any1 else who harps on about teams of old.. then compare like with like...

    • you are stating the obvious there you penis head! dont talk yourself up as the messiah of message boards, i wil go toe to toe wiv you fool, on this board. now go away for another 30 years and then come back and tell us something we dnt know.

    • some real supporter you are people stick with the teams through the good times and bad times

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      • Yes Im sure we can deduce that the team put out last night against Spurs was nothing less than a VERY expensive mistake....if that was our SECOND team then we have some very serious problems with depth where the strength of our squad is concerned.
        As for sticking with the team through good and bad times I have stuck with the team since 1957 when I was first taken to Anfield...so seen the bad and PLENTY of the good but does that mean when things are bad... as a result of the dull tactics constantly imposed by a manager who believes that first and foremost the team must go out onto the pitch :not to lose: rather than to WIN...I must continue to support that manager and his stultifyingly dull tactics ?
        Of course the spine of the team is quite solid how could it not be REINA MASCHERANO CARRAGHER GERRARD TORRES but look at how much it cost? Benitez has had the money toadventure in the transfer market but look again at the team out on the pitch last night which was pretty much up against a second eleven fielded by Spurs too ? That was an expensive second eleven. Now we have the news that BENITEZ is about to sign a new contract...sad to say Ive had enough after all these years and find myself disillusioned with the dull fare served up by this guys tactics week in week out. As another correspondent posted in this thread TOO MANY MUPPETS supporting this club now, many coming in from far afield with no real knowledge of the history of the club and the REAL glory days so they have no comparative scale to use. I have to wonder in the case of many of them if they have ANY football knowledge ? This blind faith in the manager exhibited by many of these :new people: only illustrates there lack of knowledge of the clubs history in their attempt to exhibit the same fervour for Benitez that we all showed for Mr Shankly as we stood crushed together on THE KOPor The Annie Rd End...we were dragged up out of the thensecond division to quickly become FIRST DIVISION CHAMPIONS and FA CUP WINNERS thanks to Mr Shankly and his inspired dealings in the transfer market...Anfield WAS a fortress how could it not be with the intimidating atmosphere set up by that steep banking known the world over as THE KOP with its 30,000 denizens roaring there aproval of the boys in Red ? Sad to say that was then and this is now...Im just glad I was there then.