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    according to rafa, torres is not an automatic choice. torres did have a poor game against spurs, but who didn't! i am all for keeping a player's feet on the ground but this is a bit much. let's face it, on present form who deserves to be picked ahead of him; ngog? keane? more poor man-management from rafa.

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    • I get the impression from many things that have been said during Rafa's reign that he is very hard to please, almost never satisfied, always looking for ways to improve.
      That is great.
      Provided you give the players the necessary encouragement and support along the way.
      That is my worry with statements like this from managers. It suggests that they want all players on the edge constantly rather than encouraging them to do better.
      Spurs are a classic example of the eventual outcome of this sort of policy. Same bunch of players but two different management styles. From what we are bieng told Harry said he would take no rubbish, you will play like this BUT he also encouraged the same bunch of guys who had looked absolutely usless and now look at them.
      It is all about man mangement and I just hope Rafa also has the encouragement side to HIS game, along with the perfectionist side.

    • Well it is Pantomime season LOL!

    • Absolute poppy cock. Torres isn't first choice if half fit. Against a fit strong Bolton, Rafa was absolutely right to drop Torres. Why shouldn't even our very best players be challenged....no player should ever think his spot is secure.

      I read Ian Rush's autobiography last week, and although its mighty dull for the most part, Rush scored all those goals for us, yet for most of his Liverpool career he never felt sure of seeing his name on the team sheet. Indeed many of the players didn't, including Kenny who had a couple of spells where he was dropped for poor form.

      What Rafa is saying is absolutely superb man management. He isn't there to massage ego's, he's there to challenge the players to be better than even they think they can be.

      Well done Rafa!