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  • Miguel Miguel Nov 23, 2008 18:06 Flag

    Most boring Game i Have seen all season

    Agreed 100% Turkey, but then you and me are only "ignorant supporters".

    I´ve been non plussed in the past by some of Rafa´s team selections, tactics and substitutions, but yesterday took the biscuit as far as I´m concerned. Lucas was by far the worst on display in a shambolic team performance and wasteful in the extreme. Torres and Reina were as you say the only shining stars in an otherwise black sky.

    No doubt there will be those who say we should defend our team on down days like yesterday but, frankly, I can find no excuses to offer for such an abysmal show.

    Come on Liverpool, waken up, shape up and start showing your true colours! You could have gone three points clear and spurned the chance. Only saving grace is that MU and Chelsea seemed to be just about as bad.

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