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  • colin colin Nov 25, 2008 21:12 Flag

    Most boring Game i Have seen all season

    Turkey...just read this on the official LFC site from THE VERDICT on the Fulham game its a quote from Benitez......
    .....:Its easier to be well organised and DEFEND than it is to attack.When you attack you have to be more precise and if you make one or two mistakes they can play counter-attack and put you under a little more pressure .:
    I think the above quote from Benitez encapsulates his overall philosophy and that philosophy is the very reason we arent as u say :crushing: sides like Fulham and Stoke at home .
    His game plan requires players to :hold position: hence the meaningless short pass interchanges back and forth deep in our own half incessant hefting up the line and down the centre by players such as Carragher Aurelio Arbeloa , all extremely talented highly skilled players BUT not employing their skills to best effect rather doing what they are told they must...hold position.
    An attack minded approach encouraging an emphasis on fluent movement OFF the ball to give maximum options to the player in possession would be rendering three point hauls against the likes of defensive minded outfits such as Stoke and Fulham at home. Its futile to keep siting International Breaks for the problems we see on the pitch , even worse to claim the problem is due to sides coming to Anfield to get people behind the ball in numbers and defend for ninety minutes; how many times does this same thing have to happen before :the master technician: Mr. Benitez figures out a way to overcome this same strategy employed by so many sides who visit us. Benitez has a deep squad of extremely talented players to choose from, he knows when the International Breaks will be and can prepare accordingly to take on such as Stoke and Fulham .
    I have regularly stated in previous posts that using players out of their natural positions is evidence of a defensive minded philosophy clear in that such as Kuyt and Keane are used to :track-back: constantly. Babel never given a chance in the centre his natural position and one where he dazzled during the unde'r 21s World Cup for Holland, the boy is a powerful fast natural hit-man wasted out wide on the left. Fear of the counter-attack is what drives Benitez tactics and until we see some movement by him away from this fear, which I fear we wont, then its just a matter of time before we drop too many points in low scoring draws and the odd shock 1.0 loss and the title once again becomes the two horse race between Manure and Chelski predicted by Ballack.
    The effective antidote to sides who get bodies back behind the ball and the key to taking apart such sides is the encouring off a strategy that places the emphasis on movement OFF the ball...when are we going to see this happen ???

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    • Very good post colin. I agree with you on this, and Rafa admitting he prefers to set his teams up to defend rather than attack is pretty damning.
      As long as he keeps getting results though and moving the squad forward I think his job will be safe. I dont think our owners are after the same thing Abramovich was that led to him sacking Mourinho - even despite his success.