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  • colin colin Nov 26, 2008 21:16 Flag

    Most boring Game i Have seen all season

    Arnold Layne...I think the real problem is Benitez fear of the counter-attack from the opposition. This fear is compelling him to continue with an emphasis on players :holding position: a philosophy which in itself is contrary to that of :movement of players OFF the ball: which is what provides the player in possession with the maximum options.
    Wide players who can get to the goal line and then cut back fast low crosses produce maximum danger in the box IF u have plenty of bodies in the box ! However there is a certain danger involved ...if a defender intercepts that low cross and breaks away cleanly out of his own penalty area and ...counter-attacks. BUT law of averages tells you that the risk is more than well worth taking. The type of stuff that u say bores u and is pissing u off bores everybody...Chelski had the right idea when they got rid of Maureen his stuff was very reminiscent of the boring fare we are serving up now Avram Grant had them on the right track but signing Scolari was a master stroke he has Chelski pinging the ball over the place because they can and they can because he has them well versed in the Brazilain strategy of superb movement of players OFF the ball...yes we beat them at their place and I was ecstatic but look at what theyve done since that result ...how many goals have they got ?
    Ive been RED for more than fifty years and Im RED TILL iM dead but have to admit Chelski are playing some scintillating stuff this season. I refuse to blindly have faith in Rafa as so many seem to be mindlessly urging. I will have faith in Rafa when the players out there start to serve up the kind of fare that excites not only us but football fans everywhere and not until.