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    Most boring Game i Have seen all season

    Lads this has got to be the most boring game i have seen in the last 12 months ! It made all the more awfull given it was a home game !

    This was my expert analysis !! Tell me who disagrees?

    * Lacklusture, No leadership in the team given the international captains we have in Masch & Keane.

    *No direction, no game plan

    The Better players

    Torres : was the pick of the bunch single handedly trying to change the outcome, and one of the very few that actually wanted to win.

    Reina: The unsung hero, made cruical saves and was frustrated by the lack of team effort

    Kuyt: Cant complain with his effort, played like he usually does and i think he did well, but benayoun should have played instead of Kuyt this game

    Aurelio: He did good aswell, crosses and defending well.


    Lucas: the most dissapointing player on the pitch. He looked like a Burramundi out flapping around. His positional play of the ball was so poor OMG ! First touch awfull ! Looked lazy, Everytime he got the ball just gave it away..just stood around, and most passes he made were back to the defence anyway, Without doubt he is not ready to play first team football

    Mascherano: Terrible ball control, also gave the ball away atleast 5-6 times in the first half, No leadersip from him given he is an important member of the team.

    Carragher: played his usual game with no control on the ball, Yes he is a good tackler, but when he wins the ball he just lobs it over the half way line

    Keane: the second crapiest player after lucas, no leadership, partnership with torres sucks. First half he got the ball on the edge of the penalty, instead of having a crack on goal he did a silly throughball that amounted to nothing ! I said before 20 mil for keane is bollock%.

    oh and the other main Flop is....

    Rafa: his squad selection is like What the???? I mean Lucas ahead of Alonso?? Why play Kuyt on the right in this game when their wingers are rubbish and he didnt even need to backtrack! Should have played Benayoun or Pennant or even Babel on the right ! Dont understand why he didnt replace a misfiring Keane with Babel?

    Benayoun needed to play this game ! We had more talent on the bench then on the pitch..And that is baffling!

    Sammy Lee: i would like to see him shout more on the touch line

    Who Disagree with Turkey?

    Slap Slap

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    • Turkey...have to agree with u . However once again rather than faulting individual players Ihave to say there is nobody other than Benitez to blame .As u quite rightly say there was no need for Kuyt to backtrack we had nothing to beat in front of us we were at home and once again the emphasis as always was NOT on ...ATTACK !!! Benitez game plan is NOT to lose rather
      than to win. This is a very talented squad and your criticism of certain players is unwarranted because it is nothing to do with their skill rather it is all to do with the way they have been instructed to play that particular game by the man in charge and that man is ....Benitez.
      The telltale sign is the movement of men off the ball to give the player in possession options ...there isnt any movement off the ball as the players are instructed to hold position hence Lucas as u put it :standing-around:. Carragher hefting the ball upfield and the like. Contrast this with Scolaris Chelsea and their impressive movement OFF the ball...of course from all this u can gather Im NOT a Rafa fan and can honestly say I never have been a fan of his type of football. Im a 100% RED and have been for more than fifty years and am sad to see this dull defensive stuff being regularly served up its redolent of the old BORING ARSENAL from the late sixties early seventies but Im not going to fault the squad.

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      • Colin thats very nicely said and I agree with you actually. you are just a handful of members in this forum whose comments have any valid basis. I think i was venting by blaming some of the players, but as u said its Rafa's style of football that should be criticized rather then the players. Fair enough but in the case of Lucas i cant agree, he even fails with short passes..aside that i agree Rafa is not making the most a talented squad, we should be smashing teams like Fulham 3-0 even without Gerrard and that i dont think is a big expectation.

    • Agreed 100% Turkey, but then you and me are only "ignorant supporters".

      I´ve been non plussed in the past by some of Rafa´s team selections, tactics and substitutions, but yesterday took the biscuit as far as I´m concerned. Lucas was by far the worst on display in a shambolic team performance and wasteful in the extreme. Torres and Reina were as you say the only shining stars in an otherwise black sky.

      No doubt there will be those who say we should defend our team on down days like yesterday but, frankly, I can find no excuses to offer for such an abysmal show.

      Come on Liverpool, waken up, shape up and start showing your true colours! You could have gone three points clear and spurned the chance. Only saving grace is that MU and Chelsea seemed to be just about as bad.