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  • Can't believe how many people on here are laying into Rafa for not starting Alonso yesterday.
    They all know better than him of course.
    Even though none of them talked to the player yesterday, or had any idea how he was feeling before the game.
    He did play 90 minutes for Spain mid week you know, and Rafa said post-match he needed fresh legs out there. Anyone disagree with that?
    These morons want us believe Rafa can't see the obvious while the rest of us can. I don't buy it. The truth is in these situations, Rafa can see what the rest of us can't. That's why he's in the job and none of you armchair managers are.

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    • Nonsense. Mascherano played the full 90 mins for Argentina too. What's the rationale in that? Yesterday match only proved to us that Alonso's passing ability is found wanting and he was fit to start the game, while Mascherano's defensive ability is very much redundant against Fulham. If you've watched the match, Masche's link up play with Lucas in the middle was a pain to watch too. We only played better and started to dictate the game after Alonso came in, and our passing game became much more fluent. Starting Mascherano was a mistake. Rafa knew it, and so should you.

    • In that case, we should sell Alonso and replace with a player who is stronger physically...these are all nonsense...what about Mascherano, Terry, Lampard (who plays almost every game?), Anderson, Deco?

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      • OK, so you're the kind of fan who does not allow a player a break. All of those players you've listed take breaks, or have times when they are not ready to start. It's not really a new thing, is it?
        You don't want a player, you want a machine.
        None of us really know why Alonso wasn't started. Some just assume it was Rafa's tactical ineptness, without having talked to the player themselves. As I said earlier in the thread, if Keane had buried one of his sitters and we took all 3 points, the same posters now knocking Rafa would probably be praising him for holding Alonso back and giving him a much needed rest.
        The outcome of games sometimes turns on a dime. The exact same can be said of criticism aimed at the manager. Fans need to vent frustration after bad results, the manager is as good a target as any.

    • Completly agree Bruce. Don't want to use it as an excuse as Saturday was a golden opportunity to both go top and pull ahead of the mancs. But look who played midweek, and ask how well they played.

      Kuyt, put in the usual hard working shift, but was he really effective? Not up to his recent performances

      Keane, flat.

      Torres, best of the bunch granted, but most likely because he's not had as much playing time over the last weeks. But everyone always blames Keane for the lack of chemistry between them, but it takes 2 to make chemistry, and some of his interplay with Keane was not worth much shouting about either.

      Babel, only played half an hour or so, but not much to write home about

      Masch, most likely traveled the least out of the internationals, but did not see the best from him, and while he's a huge player for us, he's not the one to add to the attack, so should anyone really be surprised he was the one to come off?

      I know I missed some players out, but think you get the point. If you don't, then you don't understand the human body can not go at 100%, all the time. But if you still doubt that, ask if its pure coincidence that the teams in the prem who are dominated by internationals, also had poor outings over the weekend?