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  • arnoldlayne arnoldlayne Nov 27, 2008 08:28 Flag

    we got hammered!

    Am I the only one who thought we got completely torn apart tonight? If they had a decent goal scorer things may have been different. There was little difference from tonight to the fulham game, other than the fact we managed a goal. Apart from the goal, most of the match there was only torres or gerrard in the box.Dossena may have come up with a block but this guy panics when ever the ball is near him. 2nd half, both gerrard & torres went awol. Just another dull 90 mins of football; how far can this take us I ask.

    Discuss. (if you wish to, if you have the time, I would be grateful; trying to be really really nice before I get arrested and end up Guatanomo Bay).

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    • me not happy? I am happy, so happy! I think rafa is the best, he just knows everything. Signs great, top quality players; riera is like barnes re-born, the more I see of dossena its like we have signed the new maldini. Kuyt just has so much skill, goal-scoring ability its unreal, along with his creative attributes. What about yossi? he is like a wizzard, comes on and changes games within seconds. Back to King Rafa, the torres situation is just a classic example of his brilliance. Just working his way back from injury, so what he needed was a full 90 min run-out against a slow mundane side. It would have been really stupid to have replaced him after 60-65 mins with keane. Torres needed that full match to get fit and test them hamstrings. Thankfully, he is now match fit and torres will go from strength to strength, once he comes back from this little lay-off. Rafa bigger than The Beatles.

    • Hey Arnold were you the person who was telling me they weren't happy with Rafa? I saw the post, then it got deleted so never replied.

      Anyway, glad we're through, didn't play well at all particularly second half but don't really care. Main focus is on the league.

    • its too late to google. penny has finally dropped... 42 or 69..... something like that... didn't float my boat though... no razzz. got to have razzzzzz.

    • Marvin the Paranoid Android, just google it boy.

      You never seen The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ???

      SLAYER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Marvin: I've been talking to the ship's computer.
      Arthur: And?
      Marvin: It hates me.

    • lee marvin? hank marvin? marvin hagler? bob marvin?

    • Sorry to hear your stuff has been edited out by some brain dead moron. The individual resposible does not know football thats for sure.
      Last night was same stuff we saw v Fulham, nothing is going to change long as Benitez is there sending what I consider to be a very talented squad out there :not to lose: rather than to win. I think my quote of Benitez from the official website stating how it is much more difficult to plan to attack rather than defend has probably been edited out too though I will try and copy the quote again and post it up for u...
      I mean what more evidence do fans need concerning Benitez tactical intentions. You quite rightly stated that we should be :crushing: the likes of Stoke and Fulham , the fact that we arent gives the lie to the myth that Benitez is the :master tactician: Truth is he cant figure out how to break down a side that comes to Anfield to get bodies behind the ball and throws up a blanket defense...he has no answer to Catanazzio ? NOT MUCH OF A MASTER TACTICIAN THEN IS HE ? I spose it wont be long before everybody else will suss that he has no answer via his current tactics to blanket defenses thrown up by sides when they come to Anfield to collect the requisite point theyve come for and ....bye bye Title challenge.

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      • Yes, have sent a number of emails to yahoo in the last 24 hours requesting an explanation as to why my posts were deleted, heard nothing. The fact abusive posts from the like of paisley_shanks and the like remain. Furthermore, the message board promoting the BNP remains with a mountain of racist comments, go figure that!

        Anyway, football chat, what we are actually here for. The recurring theme seems to be 'as long as we won, the performance makes no difference'. It is attitudes like this which go a long way to explaining why the club has been so unsuccessful for so long, at least in terms of the league. Winning cups is great and we have won them all in the last few years but the club is built on winning the league or at least mounting a challenge. I would love to come on here in 6 months or so and say I was wrong and we have a chance, a real chance, of winning the league. I admit it is rather bizarre to take a negative outlook when you consider where we are in the league. Maybe we can mount a challenge playing below average football and sneaking odd-goal wins but I very much doubt it.

    • how did Yossi the star go?
      Didn't see the game here in Oz but according to the Yahoo transcript his only two mentions were for
      1) when he came on as sub
      2) when he was a yard offside on a through ball from captain marvel
      Geez, I'm gonna miss him when he goes.
      Sounds like Dossena was lucky not to give away a penalty, too.
      As for only gerrard or torres in the box, what do you expect when we only play one striker?
      Of course, this all goes back to the last game against At Madrid at home. If we had gone into that game with the right balance and done for them then this game would have been a training run for some of our lesser lights and a good rest for the likes of Masch, Alonso etc who obviously flogged themsleves to death in the recent "friendlies."

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      • Hmmm.How bad does that sub-par effort at home against At Mad look now?
        Torro could have been sat at home with his feet up if we had played with the right tactics and wrapped up qualification there and then.
        Now it has really come home to ite us on the bot, hasn't it?

      • Yossi, like the rest of the team, failed to even appear for the second half. A few defensive blocks but on the whole they ripped us apart in the second. Even Agger has said it was not good enough. From kick-off the scoring the goal, we had a high tempo, lots of energy, score a good goal.... then nothing. But it seems for some on here thats good enough.