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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Dec 5, 2008 20:21 Flag

    I think we are missing Crouch

    Whose that?

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    • Lads after careful thinking I believe we have a solution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I think we havent been able to replace Crouch..SO i believe we should find someone equally as tall as him..

      I say we get Nicola Zigic from Valencia..This Lad is actually the same Height as Crouch if not a bit taller and not as lanky yet quicker..If my memory serves me right Valencia bought him in for 7million, couple of years back but the problem is he hasnt been getting games there just sitting on the bench, So Why not sit on our Bench and come on when Sh*t kickers come here to park their bus. We thorw the boy in if the bus is parked and that would surely open up the opposition defence.

      I know Rafa wanted to keep Crouchie, he publicly stated it and he was offered a new contract but he choose to leave...But there is Zigic who i think would be a good replacement.

      Wat say?

      Slap Slap