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  • colin colin Dec 6, 2008 00:40 Flag

    I think we are missing Crouch

    LUKE R IF u dont understand his thinking then ...WHY do u bloody trust him ??? It doesnt exactly take anEinstein towork out that his defensive minded philosophy of the game requires that his players do as they are told and work around his :hold-position: strategy. Hence the lack of emphasis in encouraging intelligent running/movement OFF the ball to give the man in possession the maximum options...thus we constantly see the :wide-men: chasing back in midfield to tackle-back instead of doing their job which is to hit the byeline and cut back fast accurate crosses to bodies that we SHOULD have in the box but NEVER DO !?? Plus we see meaningless backand forth back and forth short exchanges deep in our own half between defenders before the ball is hefted high up the line by one of them and a quick loss of possession. OR Carragher or Masch win the ball and just heft it high up the middle usually resulting in quick loss of possession ??? ENOUGH OF THIS DROSS !!! Lets see some serious attacking formations the like of which Wendy is proposing !