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  • HK HK Dec 10, 2008 17:36 Flag

    In Rafa we trust?

    If we can score 1 goal...the opponent will open up and actually plays football...it's the 1st goal that we badly needed at the moment.

    Anyway, 4-3-3 is not possible (when Rafa in charge).
    I would prefer this formation
    Carragher - Agger - Hyppia - Arbeloa
    Gerrard - Alonso - Mascherano - Riera
    Kuyt - Keane/Babel

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    • There are times indeed that we play 4-2-3-1. With two holding midfielders in MAsch and XAbi, but the formation (and this goes unnoticed) is designed to completely release the front 3 and the 1 up top. Which should make us more attacking that a 4-4-2, with one holding midielder, as our two cover across meaning the wide players don't have to track back so much.
      Rafa plenty of times this season though has gone 4-4-1-1, which is more defensive and cautious, but people still assume because Xabi is in the team, that we have two holding players. Which is NOT the case, because Xabi plays as a conventional midfielder (he has the same amount of golas this season as Makelele scored in 400 games for Chelsea).
      I don't worry too much about the formation, as RAfa normally gets it right. I worry more about his personnel, and how he rotates them or not. Whilst getting the best out of Xabi, Kuyt and Riera for example, and putting a lot of faith in Ngog, Lucas etc, he is alienating, and marginalising players like Babel, Keane, and Benayoun, because he doesn't encourage them when they are out of the side.

      I'm sure this is done to challenge them and make them stronger, but looking at KEano's bodylanguage yesterday,. I don't see it working.

      Of course though....In Rafa we trust! There isn't a better manager out there for us!!!!!