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  • Miguel Miguel Dec 10, 2008 05:47 Flag


    ...............performances tonight, especially from Dossena, Lucas, and the new boys.Keane´s pass for Ngog´s goal was top drawer and it was a great Rierra goal too. O.K., so you can argue PSV weren´t much competition but, overall a competent enough display with few errors.

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    • Fair play he had a good game and I'm not saying he won't improve, but to rest a case on one good performance against that shower is a touch premature.

      He's been a plank in virtually every game other than that and although he can cross, you need to be solid at the back.

      Look at Bjornebye, superb crosser for God and Stan but loose as a d*ck in a shirt sleeve at the back.

    • I would say more than encouraging, Miguel. Robust & Clinical is what I had in mind :-)

      PSV had to at the very least draw in order to retain chances for Uefa cup and they've won their last 8 home games, so you can hardly call them a pushover.

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      • Yeh, Confucius, reckon your description "robust etc"is a good summing up of the display last night. The fact PSV had to go for it meant we weren´t faced with the usual "Anfield" eleven man defence factor which left us a bit more space in front of goal. Interesting too that Lucas and Dossena in particular were unrecognisable from the players they normally are in the "first" team. I usually find myself pulling what little hair I have left out when I watch them in the league. Wonder whyso much improved last night? Any ideas?