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  • Steve Steve Dec 14, 2008 01:18 Flag

    Happy w/ a draw???!!!

    I'm willing to bet these are the words that are going to come from Rafa....which are the dumbest words that could be uddered.

    Lucas coming on in the 85th was Rafa's version of being content w/ a draw. 2 weeks ago Rafa backed Keane to return to form - so what does he do??? Bench him for two EPL games that we didn't score until after the 70th min and a draw....we need offense...not Lucas not creating and not scoring...Keane created more chances on Wed for other players while he was the lone striker than Lucas did

    Rafa says Keane won't be sold...but Hicks and Gillett aren't going to shell out more money if a 20 million player is sitting on the bench...Liverpool fans can't get upset w/ the Americans over that....place the blame on Rafa...where it belongs....

    Kuyt up top alone?? It didn't work so well last week until late in the game when someone figured out you can't play the ball wide then high in the air to Kuyt - who was 6 inches shorter than the center-backs...we finally played it low and found the opening...are we missing Crouch about now????

    Dossena has to go - was beat in the air for the first goal (didn't get up) and didn't even try to cut off the pass that went across the face of goal and Carra put in for Hull.....had Dossena put out a bit of effort that Riise used to that would not have happened....

    On the positve - Praise to Gerrard! Great game - even w/ being tossed around by the Hull players at every chance they had...Carra had the own goal, but otherwise had a great game along w/ Sami...would like to keep seeing the two of them together again!!....also Arbeloa had a great game - stayed wide...created chances, and did a great job getting back and closing out attackers..Xabi and Mach also had good games....now just need out attacking players - Kuyt, Benayoun, and Riera to put a ball on target within the 18...

    Chelsea will go to top of table - deservidly.....we need to regain form and win out through the new year...and don't worry about Rafa signing a new contract....this team should be winning with ANY coach

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