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  • For a start given the number of "other posters" that have appeared on the board! Liverpool are doing something right! They must be Worried!

    Secondly: We are top of the League this morning! Ok we may be second come this evening but cast you mind back to last Xmas or the year before that or even further back. What would you prefer this years xmas table or xmas tables from previous years?

    Any one rember us being first at xmas in the past 8 years? or even still being in with a shout of winning in the EPL? So why all the worry?

    Yes we have been dropping points and it is frustrating But Aresnal, Chelsea and Man U have done the same! Its a funny old season but we are still top and challenging! So Why Worry?

    So call to Liverpool Fans, Get behind our Team, Be postive, Keep the fingers crossed and who knows comes May.

    But one thing is We are in Better Position come Xmas then any of the Last 5 Years!!!!

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    • Top at Xmas!!! So why the Worry!

    • I’m totally with you on this one Aces.

      At the start of the season, I would have taken guaranteed CL qualification and being within 6 points of the top by the turn of the year. We look set to achieve both. We are right in the mix this year for a change, and most of that has been achieved without our main striker.

      This isn’t about having second-rate expectations for my club as the p1sstakers would no doubt rant on about, but more about having realistic ones. We are on the way up, that’s becoming obvious. We are closing the gap, which is progress.

      Some LFC fans are getting worried because we are dropping points. OK we aren’t showing title-winning form at the moment, but who the hell is? Chelsea? The Mancs? Not lately. Every team that wins the title goes through blips, and more often than not it is this time of year that it happens. We have no right to expect otherwise from our squad, which if we’re honest is still inferior in terms of quality and depth to both Chelsea and the Mancs.

      I think maybe more respect should be offered to the other teams in the league who are no doubt lifting their game as well. We are seeing off some tough fixtures now, early in the season, and that’s a good thing. Chelsea, Villa and the Gooners all still to come to Anfield. Torres to return in the new year, and Robbie still to really hit his straps.

      For the first time in years, I think we FINALLY have cause for optimism at this time of year as far as the league is concerned. Will we win it? I don’t know. But we definitely have a chance this season. That’s more than can be said about us during any other previous campaign under Rafa.

      ‘Tis the season to be jolly lads. Stay with the boys, they really need us in their corner. Thanks for the banter and the laughs in 08 (Reds and non-Reds alike), and here’s to a prosperous and RED 09.


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      • think about how many more points we might have gained if rafa wasnt so fucking cautious! we could and should be sitting alot more comfortably than we are now.
        and to all man utd fans bragging about being world champions lol, you's are patheti!. you's beat 2 very very poor teams that most people have never heard of, one of which scored 3 goals past you and the other you's struggled to beat 1-0. that tournament done nothing but highlight the fact that you's are poor at the moment! if chelsea hadnt had so many injuries last year then they would have won the league comfortably and they would have duffed you's in moscow!

    • True, we may not be top by tomorrow but,by only one point worst case scenario. Remember back in October when all those MU posters were on here with their "You´ll be nowhere come Christmas" nonsense? Now the best they can manage seems to be "We are world champions", an achievement gained by winning a meaningless tournament against unheard of opposition. Lol!