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    Gerrard charged (possible 5 year sentence)

    Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was charged with assault and affray by police early on Tuesday over a brawl outside a bar that left a dj hospitalized

    The Lounge Inn restaurant in Southport, where Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was held in custody on Monday after being arrested following a fight at a bar.

    Merseyside police officers took the decision 24 hours after the England midfielder was arrested in Southport while celebrating Liverpool's victory,

    Gerrard was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray, an offense that carries a maximum five-year prison sentence.

    He was released on bail to appear in court on January 23, 2009.

    In the altercation outside the Lounge Inn, the bar's 34-year-old DJ had a tooth broken and sustained cuts to his forehead, although he was later released from hospital, a police official said on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to release the information.

    Officers only began interviewing the suspects on Monday afternoon and Gerrard's wife Alex Curran was seen near the police station but drove off without answering reporters' questions.

    Spots of blood and shards of broken glass were visible on the floor of the venue, which was closed on Monday.

    6 men on 1 guy. What a cowardly act of thuggery and shows what a Pu*sy Gerrard is. Lets hope the FA ban Gerrard for his dispicable behaviour.

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    • Give him a break no one knows who started it were any of you there inocent until proven guilty lol

    • muppets, handing out sentences and punishments like you have enough brain for the job. He should be treated like anyone else under the same circumstances, and unless that DJ has genuine life threatening/changing injuries gerrard will not recieve a jail sentence. no previous helps a lot in a situation like this. also i think it's very doubtful that gerrard actualy started the fight, which will also help his defence. i can understand why you people are getting all excited about us losing our captain, but maybe you should wait until the punishment is given before opening your mouths again.

    • he should be fined , plus 3 months jail term plus 3 months suspension playing football. but the longest sentenced show be 12 months. learning how to talk properly, maybe a speech learning school 5 days a week.

    • Ya and you @ss is as wide as your mouth ! Get that in you!

      Walk on Boy


    • Maybe you should change your ID to 'hindsight' then.


    • Youve got to hand it to him though. What great timing of gerrard this has been. Earliar that day he was talking about composure and dealing with the pressure and he goes and does this.

      I bet rafa is absolutely fooking livid as well as his teammates. Couldnt of happened at a worse time.

      I think this could be the start of the end for Liverpools season. This could cost them there chance at that long awaited first title and if they do slip up this untimely cowardly act of thuggery will be blamed as the cause!

      Wouldnt be suprised to see Gerras Liverpool career go downhill from here and he may well walk this summer. Just like he nearly did when he texted maureen saying im on my way few seasons back but stayed because of fear of the repocussions to himself and family. Never a good reason to stay somewhere you dont want to be!

      Maybe right now im sure he wished he left!! hindsight is a real cu*t sometimes

    • So much over reaction. Gerrard has been charged with assault and should recieve the same sentance as the dozen or so lads who are charged with assault every weekend in southport....nothing.
      People actually think that he will get light treatment because of his status but actually I think any member of the public involved in a similar affray would get a couple of hundred pound fine at worst, stevie is likely to get a much larger fine and/or a community service order or some type.
      As for the FA who knows, but there has been enough precidence of players being unpunished for identical offences so they might just leave it to the police.

    • "I dont care what he did, my support dosent change one bit ! He should not be fined, banned. Instead he should be celebrated and be given the biggest support in the next home game. "

      Turkey, we should all look up to you.

      P.S. You sound like a re*arded c*nt...just a bit.

    • you was doing quite well until the remark ".....gerrard will want to make sure he doesnt drop the soap inside with that cute little arse of his!"

      So you find his arse cute do you??!!!!!!

      Note: there is a difference between winning a medal and being given a medal. It was the Refs who "won" the medals for you and anderson & nano given it. Now on your bike you southern woofter !!

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