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  • Alex ferguson is running out of ideas. He spend too much money on players which mean he is willing to work hard. why not focus on the players they already have, they have enough gud players in the squad.I c'ant remember when was the last time manu bought a player for less than 10 mil. when you think about the amount of money he's wasted on hargreaves, nani, anderson, over rated rooney ,overpriced carrick and berbatov, common why not doing like Rafa and wenger instead. working with players they already have,bringing the best out of them. Instead of doing like them, alex ferguson feel more comfotable of buying trophies.
    when you look at liverpool team today, thers no room for more players, Rafa has build a strong team aver the years,even thought it took him a bit of time. If that liverpool team go on to win the league this season,it will be hard to take the league away from them, because liverpool look a very experience team. Within the years under rafa, mediocre player has turn into potential world class player. the insfractructure of the liverpool squad look 1 years ahead of the others premieship club.
    by the mean time alex ferguson is waiting for the next vanlisteroy to show up,hes got the million ready to splash, but somehow,thers none of this player type avaible, n as long ther wont be,manu will strugle,coz there manager has reach his potential,n cant do any beter,which has resulted manu playing the same football week in week out n has become predictable.

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    • You have said it all...

    • Hmm someone doesnt know much about football.
      Arbeloa was less than 2.5 million and has held down the position of our first choice right back, so pretty damn good buy there
      Lucas was only 6mill and I still think he has a lot to offer the club, I mean you dont captain the brazillian under 20 side and win the Bola de Ouro without having a lot of talent now. Personally I think at 6mill rafa did great to get him considering the other european interest.
      Babel was more expensive and it would be fair to say that he hasnt really shone at liverpool gowever if you splash out 11mill on a 22 dutch international it is difficult to lose money. If it doesnt work out for ryan and he wants to leave at the very least the same transfer fee will be regained. Wen compared to the similar ageed nani who was more expensive and now warms the nech if hes lucky, then babel doesnt seem like such a bad buy.
      Torres obviously this is where you REALLY demonstrate your ignorance because there isnt one big club in the world who wouldnt pay 20mill for a player who has scored 29 times for liverpool in 42 appearances especially considering united have just payed over 30 mill for a certain lazy bulgarian who has scored what 2 or 3 goals all season, great business there tie that in with the most expensive loan deal ever for tevez and the torres transfer seems like the signing of the decade.
      Kuyt is easily knocked at 9m he wasnt exactly cheap and despite scoring lots of crucial goals when he first signed he has been through lengthy droughts and is now employed (succesfully) as a right midfielder. He is one of hardest working players on the pitch and costing on average half a united transfer fee , I think its good business.
      Keane obviously divides opinion. You have the reactionary fickle fans who see his bad start to ythe seaon and think that he is destined to be a massive flop, and those who have watched a little more football and believe that any player who has scored so succesfully for club and country is worth 20mill, but yeah like I said the jury is still out on that and I couldnt argue with your opinion that he is a abad signing. The rest of your list though is ridiculous and shows your lack of understanding of the current transfer market

    • Oh god we've never won the Prem..... you tube! You count the prem when it suits you and count the old first Dive when it suits you.

      We won the old first Div far more than any other team and that'll never be taken away from us.

      Now we are playing well it seems all the nobs of the day visit our board to knock us.

      The more you visit and the more you cry, suits me because I know we're getting up your noses by playing well long may it last!!


    • Benitez is by far the worse manager for buying players, among his waste of money buys are, keane, babel, lucas, arbeloa, kuyt and most notably torres. Now this guy has wasted some serious money, ferguson has spent alot aswel i agree.But he has spent it on decent players, thats why they keep winning the league and why you have never won the premiership lol.

    • Do some homework first before posting such rubbish.

      How about Evra, Vidic, Foster, Smith, Heinze for starters - all under £10m.

      "hargreaves, nani, anderson, over rated rooney ,overpriced carrick" - all with EPL and CL and WCC medals.

      Yeh, Ferguson should have bought Pennant, Kewel and other such gems.

      And United really are struggling this year - WCC, in CC final, 3rd in league, ...