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    Assault charges and getting behind your skipper

    Every day I read in the papers how everybody is behind Gerrard and giving him full support. What do they mean by "full" support? From what I understand, it must be unconditional support.

    What about the poor chap who ended up in the hospital with stitches on his face?

    Now, hang on a minute. Hasn't he been charged with assault? Charged meaning that prosecution has enough evidence to pursue for conviction. If you take this into consideration, how can people offer full support? Take turkey slapper for example (a regular on these boards), who said that he doesn't care what "Stevie" did, he will always support him. Really? Oh dear...

    Does Stevie really deserve full support?

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    • Vlad, were you born a dolt or did it take special effort to become one?

      To support someone does not mean you necessarily agree with what they did. If your dad got done on assault charges are you going to say "you're on your own"? No, you support him through the trial and let the court of law decide who did wrong and then support him even after that.

      ..." Charged meaning that prosecution has enough evidence "

      So, basically, let's skip the trial?? Are you out of your mind? Is that how the legal system works in your country? If so, p*ss off back there.

      Even if found guilty Gerrard will still have the support of the club. Why? Because he does not have a history in assaulting people and we don't throw our own to the dogs.... which I notice is what PVC is advocating. A son of an ex-con getting on his high horse.....well well !!


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      • " If your dad got done on assault charges are you going to say "you're on your own"? What a stupid example, we are talking about a fr*ckin footballer not a member of a family, worlds apart.

        "So, basically, let's skip the trial??" Where did I say that? I meant if he was charged, the prosecution should have enough evidence to pursue for conviction, common sense, something you clearly lack.

        "No, you support him through the trial and let the court of law decide who did wrong and then support him even after that. " Now lets apply your retar*ed logic here. If Stevie attacked your father, would you still support him?

        The point is, st*pid sheep like you would support him no matter what he does. Blindly following the crowd...baaa, baaa, run along little sheep before I set some welshman loose on you.

    • What about the poor chap who ended up in the hospital with stitches on his face? <--- I think that guy must have said or done something that really upset Gerrard, he is manure fan by the way. Serve him right!
      There is a positive thing that can be drawn from this incident...i.e. Keep your mouth shut and do not provoke others or you will ended up in the hospital if you are lucky...if not, you will be visited by friends and families in mortuary...

    • 1. i'm a big liverpool fan
      2. i'm from australia
      3. I support SG until proven guilty
      In regards to the whole situation the assaulted Dj from my understanding was not employed at the club but was a regular vistor like SG. he controlled the decks while the paid dj had a leak etc. So imagine another patron refusing to give you the controller who frequented the venue as much as you then getting verbally abusive towards your family to bait you. Add your reaction and two hyped up childhood friends and wholah! you have an incident.
      Players like SG are paid to handle this abuse on the field and while representing their club. There has to be a limit to us, as members of the public not taking advantage of it.
      I was with a friend once at a club in australia who insulted a famous australian rugby league player relentlessly until he got a reaction. My friend got what he deserved.
      I'm not saying treat the players like princesses but seriously how much blame legal or otherwise sits with members of the public like us?

    • true but you didnt hear Agger complain when he lost his tooth in the middle of a match recently - just got up and got on with it.....slight difference I know but hey!!

    • + - a front tooth, probably quite important to him at least!

    • If Rafa had said "I hope he rots in jail" or similar, it's easy to conclude that a damning report of the story had been confessed to him by SG. But I find it hard to believe that SG is completely innocent just because Rafa says "I fully support him". Though Vlad is trying is trying to put a fine point on these words, to me they are just flannel.

      I've read a number of reports where people in the Restaurant/Club have stated that the ruck started because SG had asked to borrow the music controller and been refused by the DJ. Other things may come to light in time, but it's very hard to imagine that the victim caused all this by hurling insults (about his wife?) and not one of the other 5 with SG have yet leaked it to the press. If SG was provoked I'd happily accept that a punch on the nose, albeit a bloody hard one, would have been deserved rather than a whack on the head with a beer bottle and/or a glass in the face as alleged.

      Based on the stories I've read it looks as though SG unwittingly started the whole thing by pushing the victim about but I don't think he had any intention of taking it any further. Reports are that he then walked away but his mates jumped on the DJ! If SG does get into trouble, I hope his friends get a lot worse as they were the real culprits.

      Re Cantona - his & my only regret is he didn't kick that b@stard (not the fan here) harder.

    • But if it is true that something was said about his missus, I wouldnt glass him, I'd probably try and kill him if it was about my family.

    • Vlad, think you might be trying to parse words here in order to see if you can get a rise out of people. I understand what you mean by unconditional versus conditional support, but lets get into the real world here for a moment. Based on the information known, the choice is to support or not support. Do you really expect Rafa or anyone else coming out and saying "I support Gerrard, but only if he's innocent" No he's presumed Gerrard is innocent based upon the information he has, and from that he's made a judgement to support his player. Its what any manager would do, and I'm sure most fans also.

    • Vlad,

      The full facts of the story are not known, so you cannot condemn someone until they are proven guilty. The fact there were three others with Gerrard involved along with the DJ could also suggest that Gerrard was in the wrong place at the wrong time - who knows - you dont - we dont know, only those involved in the incident actually know.

      Besides which have you considered the role of the 'DJ" in all this, does guilt lay at his door because he perhaps targetted Gerrard - maybe he is Man utd supporter who decided he was going to wind Gerrard up. We all know these things go on.

      You dont know, we dont know, and being charged means nothing in this country - how many "guilty" people walk free because the evidence isnt solid enough to convict.

      How many footballers have been charged with attempted rape only for the case to fall apart because of insufficient evidence. People are charged with the intention of additional evidence being sought - the police have what they think is enough evidence to charge - but whether it is strong enough to get a conviction will remain to be seen.

      As they say the truth will out in good time, besides would your support for Lamps or Terry diminish if he was charged for a similar offence?

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      • I agree with the idea of backing someone who hasn't yet been convicted of any wrongdoing. The legal process has yet to run it's course, so noone (except the p1sstakers who have been infesting this board since) can accuse him of being guilty of anything. However, should he be convicted I don't think anyone can offer any excuses for him.

        This whole thing has been a big, big disappointment for me.

        And spike, your comment about provocation - I really don't think that holds much weight in a court of law, at least not in this day and age.

    • i think that you have to remember that he's innocent until proven guilty and the full support from liverpool is based upon Stevie sitting down and going through the events of the night with them and the LFC lawyers. i dont doubt that the police seem fit to prosecute based upon their evidence but lets be honest it wouldnt be the first time that they have pressed charges only for the the case to be thrown out.

      anyway............ i seem to remember a certain member of the chelski team getting full support of his club and supporters ........... hopefully your memory isnt that short or maybe you are just jumping on the stevie g boo boy band wagon with all those other "supporters" with short term memories

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