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  • Why is Rafa persisting with this obvious flop? He gives the ball away 90% of the time and cant tackle either. Surely it would be better to give someone like Jay Spearing a chance as hes a local lad and has been outstanding for the reserves. I (like all reds) want us to win this title desperatley but with this donkey playing I cant see it happening. I know if Xabi had been fit then he would of played instead (and we would of probably of won the game) but I think the rest of the midfield don't look balanced and seem to carry lucas. What do you all think?

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    • To be honest with you, I'm a bit sad when Liverpool fans start picking on Liverpool players. Its one thing for the Mancs to come on here to try to wind us up. They deserve credit for a good outing this weekend, and you can always ignore the idiots amoungst them.

      But just a week ago, most were singing the praises of the young Lucas, and then the tide turns. Would Alonso have been a better option, of course. Maybe it would have been better to drop Gerrard back there, but then you loose his attacking ability up front. Maybe it should have been Keane and Torres up front, but its obvious Rafa thinks Gerrard is a better option to Keane, and judging from the physical play of Stoke's CB's, maybe Rafa felt it was too soon to test Torres unless he was really needed.

      But back to Lucas. Fact is the lad is wearing the shirt, and so long as he is, I'd expect Liverpool fans to get behind him. Have your say, but lets not trash the kiddie. What are we, Mancs?


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      • Still trying to be postive, but it is getting harder each game that passes us by.
        Funny thing, football isn't it?
        Stevie G is rated by most as one of the best midfielders in England, if not the world. Over the last couple of seasons he was "converted" to a back up striker because we supposedly had no strikers except Torres and SG happily banged in what, 15+ goals in a season from midfield so imagine what he could do as a striker.
        We now have two 20m+ pound strikers and a big hole in midfield with Alonso being injured. What's the obvious thing to do?
        Well, leave both strikers on the bench and have one of the world's best midfielders playing as a striker, of course.
        Bluddy obvious, init?
        How can that team selection possibly be justified if the aim of the game was to WIN?
        Lucas is OK next to Alonso, Masch is OK next to Alonso.
        Neither is capable of "running" the midfield, despite one being captain of Argy and the other being touted as the next best thing from Brazil. They are both second string, back up players. They both need a great player like Alonso next to them to dominate, create. Those criticisms people are leveling at Lucas could just as easily apply to Masch.
        I know it is "Fantasy Football" and some weird things occur on there but have you checked out the ratings for both Masch and Lucas lately? Four of our non-playing midfield squad members rate higher than both of them. Even Plessis rates higher, ffs.
        The point of this little rant is GET GERRARD BACK INTO MIDFIELD WHERE HE BELONGS!!! We look SO f*ing slick when he partners Alonso in midfield with 2 (or 1, if defense is needed) genuine striker up front. When Alonso is not available then call on one of the second stringers to partner SG.

      • Yeah mate...Lucas was hero last week and with a blink of eye (poor performance), he is the villian this week...sad really! He was out there trying to win the game too...

    • Agreed, puzzles me why he is so poor for us when he is so highly regarded in his home country.

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      • why the fuck was this loser still on the pitch after half-time nevermind 90 mins, he was the worst player on the pitch by a country mile. he should not have even started, when is rafa gona realise that lucas is not even nearly good enough. every liverpool fan knows it. i've only ever seen lucas have one good match and that was the other week against n'castle and thats only because n'castle were rubbish! he'd be lucky to start for derby county! the only explanation is that rafa is bumming him!

      • better option would have been to drop Gerrard into the Alonso role and play Keane and Torres, Keane from the start and Torres second half alongside given he isn´t fully match fit yet