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    typical pie-eatery..... jose is actually HAPPY that cahill scored right after MUPPET benitez decided to sub torres for lucas to rest on a 1-0 lead... having already subbed out keane for beanyoun, which effectively left NO strikers on the field with 5 or10 min remaining.... jose would like one of you "in rafa we trust" MUPPETS to explain what the hell pie-eater was doing trying to sit on a 1-goal lead when united and chelsea are SNAPPING at his heels?!! hell, at this rate, even villa will catch up!! granted, a derby game was not going to be easy, but this is a DEPLETED everton side.... and lfc have the QUALITY to have taken FULL three points!!!! senor benitez, if you are reading this, who will wipe the PIE off your face now, eh? a DISGRACE!!!! chelsea and united should be at least SIX POINTS behind!!!! come on now.... someone PLEASE explain why with title rivals snapping at the heels, benitez is subbing off BOTH the strikers on the field?? obrigado!!!!!

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    • In all honesty Jose, I think you know a little more about football than that. Fact is, Robbie never looked likely to score last night, and in fact its only after he came off that we got our noses in front. So how he contributed one way or another is questionable.

      As for Torres, while it might have been nice to have a top striker in those last few minutes, I'm really not sure it would have made a difference. Did we get any breakaways where Torres could have made the difference? Not in the match I watched. Besides, its not a center forward who would have prevented the goal, it would have been better tackling from Yossi, or better defending from Skrtel or Sami.

    • Jose...we both know its unlikely that we will either of us convince the :Have faith in Rafa: Muppet Brigade that its time for him to go. Buying mediocre players for inflated money then when he does manage to pick up someone talented leaving them warming the bench prefering to have in their place some holding midfielder ? Playing people out of their natural positions Kuyt Babel Keane...using wide men as chase back defenders?
      A complertely incomprehensible substitution policy...look at last night v Everton ??? No intelligent running OFF the ball to give the man in possession maximum options for distribution of the ball rather an emphasis on :hold-position: defensive play meaningless exchanges of the ball between defenders deep in our own half only to ultimately hoof the ball up the middle or down the line for a quick loss of possesssion ???
      Im afraid the only thing likely to convince the Have Faith Brigade is a quick exit from the FA CUP at the hands of the Bluenoses Saturday likewise from Champions League and a falling away in the race for the EPL Title all of which I would be ready to see if only it meant the begining of the end for Mr Cautious and his time in charge at my beloved club that I have supported for some fifty five years now. Im RED till Im dead but that doesnt mean I have to blindly and idiotically support the clubs manager in his catastrophic decision making as if he were some latter-day Mr Shankly ! Lets hope recent results have caused a thinning out among the ranks of THE FAITH BRIGADE.

    • I actually agree with the original Jose post. By taking off the forwards Rafa removed virtually any threat up front (bar Stevie G).

      Good to see Lucas living up to his reputation of being a plank too.- 10 seconds on the pitch and concedes a foul with his first touch, then concedes the foul that lead to the pressure in the lead up to Yossi's c*ckup

    • It seems like my head will not on the chopping board at the end of the season...I still need to be proved wrong by Rafa but very unlikely that I will be wrong, looking at the way our team played. Yes, you have put Torres for 85 minutes, why not keep him another 5 minutes? Everton did not need to worry of counter attack when Torres is not in the team hence they keep moving forward...bloody darn Rafa!!

    • AMEN!!! You played Torres for 85 min...why not the last 5????? You've GOT To play for the win and clinch it....you can't shut down the last 20 minutes and hope to hold on to a 1-0....yes the players could do better...but it was obvious rafa had other things in mind when he pulled Keane and later pulling Torres........classic oh s&*t moment for Rafa when he had to throw on Babel as a last ditch effort as he was the only forward available...

    • You can't get away with this one Jose.
      Keane was the invisible man the whole time he was on the pitch. He was never in the game, that is why he was subbed. Other managers probably would have benched him even earlier than Rafa did.
      Torres was coming back from injury. The fact he played 85 minutes was amazing. Even the commentators expected him to be subbed around 70 minute mark, not the 85th minute.
      With 5 minutes to go and 1-0 up MOST teams would bring on a defender to try and hold on to the 3 points. Rafa did what nearly every other manager in the league would have done.
      Rafa picked his most attacking starting lineup possible, against a form team with 5w, 1d in their last 6 games. He went out looking for the win.
      It was the guys on the park who f@cked it up. They were always looking second best. Captain Fantastic scored another wonder goal from nowhere and then the team went into slow motion - before any subs were made. Passing backwards, giving up the ball in midfield, giving up the ball in dangerous areas. Basically the team were outplayed and it is themselves to blame for this result.

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      • well said,we were poor for the full 90 mins,again gave the ball away to much in our own half,we were always second best to every ball ,everton wanted it more than us,that was our strongest team and were poor,with a trip to old trafford and home games againts chelsea,arsenal and villa i hate to think

    • Fuck off back to the ManUre board you fucking tosser.