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  • OldBill OldBill Jan 20, 2009 06:09 Flag

    We're still level on points...

    Very disappointing - but predictable....

    Remember we are level with Man U - we still have to go there - we can get a result anywhere (but Anfield :-) ) - Its not over yet.

    Rafa needs to put a 'reserve' side out against Everton on Sunday and get a win at Wigan 2 days later...

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    • No point responding directly to the so called Pharoh, P&S, so I'll direct my post to the rest of the board. Think you have a good idea who the muppet is here, so enough said.

    • change of heart then Paisley - Thought you were done with us !
      Thought you'd gone off in search of glory, thought you'd taken a trip down the road to Old Trafford.

      Whats up dont they want you there either.....now whos the f**king muppet......LMFAO

      Ooooh your credibility has taken a knock hasnt it.......!

    • Your use of the word 'us' has no validity any longer.

      Wasnt it you who proclaimed at the end of last season that you were leaving our sinking ship and heading over to Old Trafford.

      Did you forget something???

    • Sorry no deal. I'll keep looking on the bright side, and supporting my reds thanks

    • dsteer i agree with ur points..but what i meant do say is all in all...we drawn too many games at home especially so why not try smthing different ie pennant even though i agree that he's not very intelligent he's quick so again thats perception...and it probably wouldv kept baines further down the pitch rather than crossing from inside the box almost!!! but again we weren't great and they played well and to their strengths

    • i have to say rafa is a complete idiot.they talk about form and rubbish and earning places in the side....keane scored 3 goals in 2 games and then gets dropped for 2-3 games the skrtel the mug gets right back in there even though agger was playin reasonably well.another point..we have kuyt on the right wing?he's done ok but we have wingers pennant? el zhar? even benayoun i would sacrifice kuyt for a proper winger and please lets get rid of that stupid looking dossena he's getin on my nerves!!

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      • Not sure what your point on Keane is. He was in the starting line up, so unless your re-visiting past matches, don't think it applies to tonight.

        I'll grant Skrtel looked a bit nervy coming out of the back, but really can't fault him for his defensive display. Gave away a few too many freekicks maybe, but lets be honest, at least half of those were bought with some decent bluenose acting. Besides, Agger has a calf strain and was not available, so not sure who you would have thrown on instead of Skrtel.

        Kuyt I don' think had one of his best performances, although I don't think he had a bad match. I can understand, although don't agree with the argument of replacing him with Yossi, but since that is basically what happened when Yossi came on for Keane (pushing Kuyt to the center) I'm not sure he really made a difference. I also don't think either Pennant or El Zhar is good enough to replace him. Neither have the same level of game inteligence or scoring threat. IMO, right now all they have over Kuyt is pace.

    • Its never over. No doubt the mancs are in the drivers seat, but remember, how long did we trail Chelsea, level on points, but behind on goal difference. All I can remember was the so called smart minds, the pundits, thought Chelsea were running away with it, so a long way to go yet.

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      • dsteer i think today we see liverpool know not how to win titles. they have chances,many chances and no take them ,ok?

      • think when all issaid and done, everton probably deserved a point, just. theiris so many points to play for yet the interviewer says has this dented liverpool chances, what a ridiculous question. wigan away and chelsea home is your next 2 while we have wba away and everton home, on paper 4 points liverpool 6 points united, but nothing is a given, but if it turns out that way and we beat fulham in our game in hand mid feb, then you will HAVE to win at ot. long way to go still, its a blow to you, im happy, but it can change so quickly, we were 8 behind last weekend now we are top, in 3 games time we could be 8 behind again. my only criticism of you tonight is you seemed to settle for 1-0, and looked nervy doing it. great goal stevie g.

    • It's still in out own hands. Win every game, and we're champions.

    • manchester now have game in hand.i think you will not win titles this year