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  • RACHEL RACHEL Jan 22, 2009 05:25 Flag

    ...Everton Bang another Nail In........

    Leave Rafa Alone, he is getting us there. If you had been asked in August, would you take only one defeat, being level on points and joint top of the league with united at the end of January? Too f****** right you would have, and there is still four months to go and a lot of football still to play, and we traditionally finish stonger than Manure. Last season the Mancs finished eleven points ahead of us but had we won the two ties against them in the league we would have beaten them by one point, and we have half rectified that one already. Yes some of the draws have been disapointing especially the one on Monday night, and but for some poor reffing decisions (disallowed goal against Stoke at home, penalty against Torres monday) we could have been five or six points clear. But Liverpool aren't the only club who have struggled against lesser teams at home, Chelsea's home record is worse than ours but they haven't been written off yet.
    I will agree some of Rafa's team selections have been strange, as have some of his substitutions, i.e. taking Keane off when we are running riot at White Hart Lane only to go on and lose, and again taking strikers off when we need to score to turn a draw into a win.It just maybe his theory is that a point is better than zero points should we get caught on the break chasing a win late in a game, we all saw how costly that could be Monday night, imagine if all those points we got in the draws had been lost cos we got caught with a sucker punch (how often has that happened to us in recent times, especially against manure) how far of the pace would we be instead of joint top. So Lay off Rafa and get behind the team YOU SUPPORT and sing your hearts out at Anfield, intimidate the opposition from the stands like we do on European nights, so that when they are in the tunnel and see the THIS IS ANFIELD sign they think "ooohhh shit" and turn Anfield into a fortress again.

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    • Rachel Reeve...IMAGINE you say if we had been caught on the break and all those one point draws had been turned into losses...this is EXACTLY thethinking of one Senor Benitez....again I reiterate my point of view....Why dont YOUtry and imagine all those one point duff draws having been turned into THREE POINT WINS...the Title race would be all but over.
      Benitez is THE reason such a talented squad is not being allowed to get out there and play scintillating football. The straitjacket of his suffocating :hold-position: tactics is whats responsible for stifling the talent of the squad. You admit his substitution policy is incomprehensible...you say u admit that some of Benitez team selections have been :strange:
      with these admissions it surprises me that u remain one of the HAVE FAITH IN RAFA Brigade. The truth is given the current level of talent in the squad just about anybody could do a better job than Benitez and in the case of Sammy Lee I believe do it with some ....STYLE !
      Intimidate the opposition u say.....Anfield stopped being an intimidating place back when The Kop was converted to all-seat and prices went up and much of the real support commenced watching the lads on wide screens in their local while enjoying a pint or two and still going home with a few quid more in their pockets than they would had they been sitting down at Anfield.If u really want Liverpool FC stadium , the new one , if it ever gets built to be a fortress then start campaigning to bring back terracing and bring down admission prices to attempt to attract back many of the REAL fans instead of banging on about having faith in Rafa and such nonesense.
      Just for the record if u had asked me what Id have accepted back in August Id have told u ...Benitez out the door and somebody in who could instill confidence into the lads to play with the real flair they are capable of.