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    STYLE...does it matter ?

    Does the STYLE with which we play matter to the fans of Liverpool FC ? I think a more pertinent question is does the LACK of STYLE with which we play matter to the fans of Liverpool FC ?
    I have supported LFC for fifty five years and have never witnessed such a complete lack of STYLE/ENTERTAINMENT from a side in RED.
    I do not put this lack of style down to any lack of talent in the squad, I believe we have with one or two exceptions a very talented squad but unfortunately a manager who is clueless when it comes to managing and deploying that squad.
    His :hold-position: mentality is constantly evident via meaningless exchanges between defenders deep in their own half and the ball ultimately being hoofed high up the middle or down the line for quick loss of possession. There is very little intelligent OFF the ball running into space as the necessity to give the man in possession the maximum options for distribution isnt emphasised in his coaching. He persists in playing men out of their natural positions and his substitution policy is totally incomprehensible.
    I would much sooner see the emphasis on ATTACK !!! much like we have seen in recent days at Old Trafford... sorry bout that lads... and Chelski and the risk that we might leave a little space open to the opposition if we are going to go for THE WIN and THREE points instead of trying to hold on to a one goal lead as of the other night v The Bluenoses.The only way we will have a chance of recovering the style with which we were once reknowned for playing is to get rid of Benitez...NOW !!! Appoint Sammy Lee NOW !!! Hes a man who wore the RED shirt proudly a man who knows the difference between a Win and a draw a man who will inspire the boys to go out and WIN !!!
    Is their anybody out there other than perhaps Jose who agrees with this train of thought?

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    • very good points and very well put colin. im in agreement with you my friend, we were brought up on not only success but doing it with a bit of style too, i point to a game you`ll remember against forest in 87/88 season that we won 5-0, it left brian clough lost for words and the great tom finney described it as "the greatest exhibition of football he had ever seen". previous liverpool managers and players set the standard, with the success but also with the way we played. for one reason or another many things have changed at the club and in football in general and it`s open to argument whether it`s for good or bad, but one thing i never thought i would see change is how liverpool play the game. i refer you to this post i left last week. http://uk.messages.eurosport.yahoo.com/Football/Teams/threadview?m=tm&bn=UKS-FO-liverpool&tid=107701&mid=107782&tof=36&rt=1&frt=1&off=1

    • Colin, think you make some interesting points here. But have to ask where do the tactics that Rafa uses come from? I understand your concern with holding, and the constant back passing, but when an opponent has parked the bus, would you rather we go with long ball run and chase?

      For me the constant holding and build and re-build up play can be annoying also. But its as much a function of what inteligent players see in front of them in terms of options, than what the manager has told them to do. When space is not given, its a little hard to run into it. Instead you hold the ball, while your attackers try to create the necessary space. How often you can do that during a match, is as much a function of the defending team, as it is the skill of the attacking players, or the tactics the manager has communicated.

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      • Dsteer...In answer to u post. I think its necessary to play true wide men ...WIDE . Hit the line with such players and cut the ball back fast and low or float it over. This would be distasteful to Senor Benitez as it could engender a breakaway BUT it could far more often result in GOALS. This is not going to happen under the stewardship of Benitez who much prefers to utilize the strikers and wide men he has bought as bloody holding midfielders. Riera certainly has theskills to produce the goods if given the freedom to do so liewise AL Kzar. but I feel we will have to wait till Benitez is down the road before we see a return to winning I said WINNING not drawing at Anfield and WINNING with some .....STYLE !

    • Hope I'm allowed to post on here as a United fan (born, bred and lived there for forty odd years)?

      Yes it does matter!!!!

      For United to lose the Premiership to a Liverpool that can grind out boring results would be difficult to take, (i.e. now), but to a Liverpool with style and flair would be less so. Everyone can grudgingly admire brilliance wether it is Henry, Kaka, Ronaldo, Torres etc. etc. so if you're going to do it, do it in style, with finesse!

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      • Good to hear from a Man U. fan who is ready to debate in an open and intelligent way on this board instead of the pathetic epithet loaded dross foisted on us by so many of your braindead bretheren. Sorry to have to say this but I very much doubt that u will see much in the way of flair and finesse from us whilst Senor Benitez is still at the helm....however be assured that not ALL Liverpool FC fans are blindly devoted to the dull defensive safety first dross served up by our manager; Im sure many of us would prefer a far more adventurous style of football that persistently chased THREE POINTS for a win both home and away.

    • I couldn't agree more really. This is a manager who plays 'not to lose' rather than 'win'. Even the wins don't have me jumping about anymore because they're so unsatisfying. The game at Tottenham just beggered belief. It looked like it was going to be 5-0 and instead he took the key players off and we lost not just the game, but the plot. How negative can you be? Far too many draws again. I also find myself feeling sorry for Robbie Keane who is being made to look like a complete plonker through no fault of his own.

    • I totally agree.
      Not sure about Sammy but Kenny dropped a hint that he was missing football