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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 23, 2009 00:49 Flag

    STYLE...does it matter ?

    Colin, think you make some interesting points here. But have to ask where do the tactics that Rafa uses come from? I understand your concern with holding, and the constant back passing, but when an opponent has parked the bus, would you rather we go with long ball run and chase?

    For me the constant holding and build and re-build up play can be annoying also. But its as much a function of what inteligent players see in front of them in terms of options, than what the manager has told them to do. When space is not given, its a little hard to run into it. Instead you hold the ball, while your attackers try to create the necessary space. How often you can do that during a match, is as much a function of the defending team, as it is the skill of the attacking players, or the tactics the manager has communicated.

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    • Dsteer...In answer to u post. I think its necessary to play true wide men ...WIDE . Hit the line with such players and cut the ball back fast and low or float it over. This would be distasteful to Senor Benitez as it could engender a breakaway BUT it could far more often result in GOALS. This is not going to happen under the stewardship of Benitez who much prefers to utilize the strikers and wide men he has bought as bloody holding midfielders. Riera certainly has theskills to produce the goods if given the freedom to do so liewise AL Kzar. but I feel we will have to wait till Benitez is down the road before we see a return to winning I said WINNING not drawing at Anfield and WINNING with some .....STYLE !

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      • This is a tricky one. The one word answer is YES. However I think you are looking at the past with rose tinted specs on, and show a naivety when it comes to assessing the modern game.

        For example United have just gone top with a series of dull, shaky at times 1-0 wins. Chelsea have been shaky all season, learning despite the ambitions of Scolari, that playing with style is not something that a team can just go out and do. Like anything in football, it relies a huge amount on what the opposition do.

        I don't think it can be said that we didn't play with style when dismantling Newcastle recently. The issue is that when given space, players will express themselves. When given time, and the team as a whole is playing positively, most teams and us certainly, have the ability to suddenly switch on the style and play like potential champions.

        The issue is that teams like Wigan, Stoke even, right the way up to a hustling bustling Everton, or even a hardworking quick Villa side, don't allow space. Manager's are so tacticaly aware now, swap secrets, ensure their players are so disciplined, that teams are especially hard to break down. This season is the most competitive on the whole I have ever seen throughout the whole division.

        To demand the club dismiss Benitez, and that this is required to move forward is absolute poppycock. Whatever manager we had, fans would moan about him, his choices, tactics, etc. Thats football. The cold hard facts are these:

        1. Benitez is respected for good reason throughout the footballing community. If he left Liverpool, there isn't a club in the world that wouldn't want him to fill any vacancy.

        2. He has a respectable record in the transfer market. The kind of manager that makes his mistakes and gets rid quickly, but the successes outnumber the failures, and financially outweigh the dross. We have players bought by and who are hugely loyal to Rafa. Mascherano, Torres, Xabi, etc etc.

        3. We have won the biggest trophy in club football under Rafa and reached another subsequent final (which if you think we were lucky in 05, we were unlucky not to win on that occasion...personally I don't ). Plus until recently we were sat atop the league by right. We've won the FA Cup, and enjoyed some of the most magical nights (Chelsea 05, Arsenal last yr) that I can remember at Anfield, all under Rafa.

        4. He genuinely works for Liverpool football club with all his being. It matter to him more than anyone else. Managing a football club becomes his life. The players, reserves, kids, diet, hotels, opposition, and go knows what else. As a fan, I trust Rafa and what he says as being neccesary to safeguard the future of the club. He is the most dedicated manager I have ever known, and he deserves a lot of credit..not the ridicule he gets in some quarters.

        Lets see how this season ends up, and then we can have the arguments. As far as I'm concerned, a fan that calls for the manager to go mid season, UNLESS there is huge trouble like relegation looming, or a massive scandal, is not looking at things in the right way...We might yet win the prem and CL. However at the start of the season I said I'd settle for the FA cup and a competitve league seaqson.

        AND before Paisley starts....YES I criticise Rafa after somegames, but that criticism nees to be seen against my general support, as pure frustration at certain things he does which I don't understand. But then why should I. I design Exhibition Stands for a living. He's the football manager!