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    Two great managers with their own mindsets regarding rotation of their teams.
    In the 70's the Liverpool team picked itself week in week out. A fabulous team and the team spirit flowed because the same eleven hardly ever missed a game.
    True, old farts like me going on again, but has the game changed that much? Benitez of course the modern European manager who insists on rotation. But these players are full time athletes surely. Two games a week, ok, the game's faster, but it must knock the rhythm all to hell chopping and changing almost every game.
    Every game is a game to be won, bring the subs on when the situation requires it, but for me the best eleven should be out there.
    Just an opinion that's all.

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    • Who would have been the best guy in this present run in?

    • Think I'd always pick Paisley, but also do think the game has changed since hte 70's. Its not just the increase of the amount of games played, but also the level at which each of those matches are played.

      While wholesale rotation is not a good idea, I don't think anyone who really looked closely at team selections could say this is what Rafa has done. Apart from times of injury, the core of the squad has remained fairly constant. But selective rotation, either to rest key players or to field a side for tactical reasons is necessary today. And, the fact that every club who either is in the top 4, or has a squad deep enough to do this, does rotate, think proves the point out.

    • Conflicting views guys and I know I failed to drop the main man in there Bill Shankly.
      But my main point is the way rotation's kicked in now which I feel affects consistency. As one reply said, the players turned out 70 times season and the team spirit seemed to thrive.
      Yeah, more competitions now and all, but look at the facilities now. The best of injury tending technology, they fly guys all over the world no expense spared. The pitches they play on in most cases are fantastic, but all you ever hear about is who's out and for how many weeks.
      Maybe there's too much emphasis in treating these guys like film stars rather than athletes.

    • Bob Paisley was and still is the best manager we've had since Shanks.

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      • the best you have had since shanks. i think that means you agree with easypcee, shankly started it all, paisley just continued, as for fergie being envious of paisley, where is bobs fa cup, fergie won everything. and saf has by far surpassed paisley. its not about how long it took, its about how many was won during their reign, period. and he will never be matched. and btw paisley was at liverpool 44 years so its not like he was plucked from the streets. fergie is the best ever no matter what you live in your past glories people think.

    • surely there is nothing to even debate, nobody comes near bob paisley, In nine years as manager 1974 - 1983, he won 6 League Titles, 3 European Cups, 3 League Cups,1 UEFA Cup, 5 Community Shields and a UEFA Super Cup, think even ferguson would be envious of that

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      • Im enjoying it now lol for the last 20 years ive been happier than you clowns lol

      • But Ferguson has clearly had to manage in a more difficult and competitive era. The likes of Ipswich challenged for the title in Paisley's day (and even United finished second one season with one of the most shite managers in our history, Dave Sexton), and Liverpool finished second to Dave Mackay's Derby County and Clough's Forest team. You also beat the not-so-mighty FC Bruges in a European cup final, and Forest and Villa both won European cups in that era. If Paisley had been thirty years younger - I know it is ridiculously hypothetical - how would he have coped with the EPL and revamped CL/European Cup?

        I recall Steve Coppell, who was a fine player and England international during the Paisley era saying that he wouldn't have got a look in with the United team of the mid to late 90s containing Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, Cantona etc. Clearly Coppell was saying that football was of superior quality in the nieties compared to the seventies, and that the league and the EC/CL were of a higher standard.

        The truly great team of the seventies were Ajax, but they weren't big enough to keep the incredible talent they produced, otherwise they would have dominated the European scene totally for much longer than they did. Also they played the best football; even the most partisan LFC supporter has to admit that Liverpool's football was somewhat prosaic and functional by comparison.

    • No contest...Paisley

      Both him and the late seventies/mid-eighties team would literally wipe the floor with the present crop of mercenaries. (Torres and Gerrard included) - don't forget Rush & Souness...

      These players didnt moan about playing 70+ games a season....