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  • colin colin Jan 25, 2009 21:56 Flag


    Always been a Saviola fan...as u say he got left out in the cold ...I think he would be a useful partner for Torres and would provide those defense splitting passes for Torres to chase and latch on to. The problem right now is we have an embarresment of riches in the squad ...to play Saviola we would have to drop Stevie G back deeper than we have been playing him of late and with Torres fit...at least I hope he is...the Torres GERRARD combination has proved deadly. We both KNOW the squad and the level of talent inherent in it isnt any problem at all the problem is Senor Benitez and his inability to utilize said squad to best use...his SAFETY-FIRST hold-position tactics and his totally incomprehensible ideas on substitution and the continuing nonesense of :rotation: are combining to completely stifle the exhibition of any flair out there on the pitch. Hoping for a win v The Bluenoses today of course but cant help but feel the ONLY solution for this clubs problems and I admit its a radical one is to get Benitez down the road and appoint Sammy Lee ...NOW !

    • i was waiting for a post of this nature to come out when i read about his availability,the lad has a reputation that is at least 5 seasons old and he is still living on it .
      It is not a coincidence he doesnt get games at his clubs he has not got the quality or the temperament to fight for his shirt
      there is no place at liverpool for that type of player we need pace and guille not another punt because the price is right