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  • NICOLA NICOLA Jan 25, 2009 23:31 Flag


    i was waiting for a post of this nature to come out when i read about his availability,the lad has a reputation that is at least 5 seasons old and he is still living on it .
    It is not a coincidence he doesnt get games at his clubs he has not got the quality or the temperament to fight for his shirt
    there is no place at liverpool for that type of player we need pace and guille not another punt because the price is right

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    • I agree with the comment about his reputation being about 5 seasons ago. However this is the type of punt to try. Keane cost 20 million pounds 5 months ago (slightly less than Torres) and today Benitez comes on the telly and says he could only pick 18 players so Keane isnt in. LOL. Either Saviola or Owen would be decent. Owen is fricking free come summer. But what we really need is a talented right winger. We need to get serious like Man U. We find our man and pay the price. I like either Silva or Ribery to fill that position or Joe Cole if he continues to fall out of love with Chelsea.

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      • i agree totally about the need for top quality players and my point is that these squad players are usually on top money so it all comes out of the pot and we should use younger players to make an impact from the bench and have a top quality 14-15 first teamers instead of trying to have a couple of big name mercenary players like saviola ,owen etc filling the squad because make no mistake if these players were half the players they were when they made there reputations we wouldnt be able to afford them

    • Am Liverpool fans and..i want that to make tom hick sell the club..as tom is not financing well..because of this reason liver is give low performance.. as i want a player like saviola in Liverpool an am sure savio will make the best for the club..