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  • LFC fan LFC fan Jan 26, 2009 02:06 Flag

    I want Parry out, the Yanks out and Benitez out

    Moores has already gone with £80m+ in his pocket. It is no coincidence that the period of his chairmanship since 1991 has been one of failure. There was never a person so wholly unsuitable for leadership.
    He and Parry sold us out to the Yanks. The administration of our club of the pitch has been a disaster. His indecisiveness. has cost us a great deal .
    The Yanks have lied to us and embarrassed our great club. The sooner they are gone the better.
    I despise the negativity of Benitez.
    Carra is a great centre half but no attacking fullback. Kuyt is an athelete not a footballer. What is Dossena????.
    On Monday instead of going for the kill after going ahead, we went defensive. Time and time again we play negative against garbage teams.
    Benitez cant change so he must go

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    • Yes ! Yes !! and Yes !!! Particularly the Benitez must go bit...in short agreewith u 100% . Get Benitez down the road...appoint Sammy Lee ....NOW !!!

    • Terry maybe you dont know this but Parry and Moores sold to the Yanks because the Sheikh did not want them on the board. Basically self-interest made their minds up, not the good of the club.

      Also, to not do due diligence on Hicks was an unforgivable act of incompetence! Moores admitted this in the Echo.

      If a sale goes through at 500 mil, then they have effectively cost the club 250 million quid! The stadium could have been half built for that!

    • Couldn't agree with you more . The negitive football under rafa is awful. He blames certain players for his own failings. Last year it was Crouch, now it's Keane. Get rid of them all. I wish we could get O'neill but that will never happenn

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      • I am not trying to defend Rafa, but I really doubt if any decent manager would like to put himself in his shoes. Yes, you will always get some blonkers like Big Sam wanting the job, but seriously, if you are working with a board of directors that always want to sack you, a board that wants to take your power away from buying and selling players, a board that consists of jerks like Parry the prixk, come on guys, who is better than Rafa out there?

        As for the match yesterday, although it was 1-1 in the end, I am happy with that performance because if the team can play like that everyday, I seriously think we will win the EPL! Come on, Everton only had one chance at goal and they scored!!! It is a question of whether a glass is half full or half empty, for me, I will always look at the positive side!


    • 1st - As an American I agree - get the American owners out....too many Americans don't understand how the EPL works and the ins and outs for running a club...I hope someone who is a true Liverpool fan will be the next to own the club....

      2nd - don't hate all "Yanks"....some of us watch every Liverpool game, hop on here and chat about the team, and yell and scream at Rafa from our couches as much as you all do...

      lastly....Rafa blasting negative tactics today by Everton??...well...he used them last Monday like others have said on here....so it is time for him to shut it...he got burnt doing it on Monday.....and now it bit us today that they sat back and now have home-field advantage.....Everton learned a good lesson from Stoke...we can't hardly get a shot when 10 men behind the ball...

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      • I am not being anti-American. The guy at Villa seems to be doing an excellent job.
        In fact the 2 people primarily responsible for our mis-management are English. I have utter contempt for Moores and Parry.
        My problem is it is Parry's inability to make a decision which could be stopping Benitez scewing up our money again in the transfer market

    • Thought I'd jump online for a few minutes to see if there were any other reds as frustrated as I was after another effing draw....and wasn't surprised.

      We had no excuses today. All but Agger to choose from in our squad, against a very depleted Everton side with no recognised strikers (Cahill's a midfielder playing up front on his own). Full credit to Everton, they definitely deserved to take the replay and did a royal shut out job on us proper. Jagielka was immense for them and I agreed with the commentator who said they were really playing like a team, digging in hard for each other.

      Us in comparison were just really hard to watch. Apart from another moment of pure class from Torres to set Gerrard up for the equaliser, we were so so lacking in creative threat. Dominated possession, but did nothing with it but played in front of them while they comfortably defended for most of the game. This was a replay we really could have done without.

      And WTF is going on with Keane? Insane that he didn't even make the squad after spending 20 odd mill on him in the summer.......

      Come on, we need a win badly against Wigan.

    • here here, i agree with everything in the post, ive noticed that the "in rafa we trust brigade" is getting ever smaller, the man is fuckin` lost he doesn`t know what to do. personally i think he is using the contractual issues as a face saving thing cos he`s gonna walk at the end of the season stating his hands were tied, when the true fact of the matter is that he just isn`t capable of leading us to the title. there is power struggles all over the club and it seems that they are all trying to look after their own interests. hicks and gillet will have no choice but to sell within the next 4-5 months, whoever ends up owning the club I think it`s safe to say that both parry and benitez won`t be around much longer either, and good fuckin` riddance to all of them, they`ve done sweet fa for liverpool, and before you all jump on my back saying rafa won champions league, it was the team houllier built that won it.