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  • Steve Steve Jan 26, 2009 09:10 Flag

    I want Parry out, the Yanks out and Benitez out

    1st - As an American I agree - get the American owners out....too many Americans don't understand how the EPL works and the ins and outs for running a club...I hope someone who is a true Liverpool fan will be the next to own the club....

    2nd - don't hate all "Yanks"....some of us watch every Liverpool game, hop on here and chat about the team, and yell and scream at Rafa from our couches as much as you all do...

    lastly....Rafa blasting negative tactics today by Everton??...well...he used them last Monday like others have said on here....so it is time for him to shut it...he got burnt doing it on Monday.....and now it bit us today that they sat back and now have home-field advantage.....Everton learned a good lesson from Stoke...we can't hardly get a shot when 10 men behind the ball...

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    • I am not being anti-American. The guy at Villa seems to be doing an excellent job.
      In fact the 2 people primarily responsible for our mis-management are English. I have utter contempt for Moores and Parry.
      My problem is it is Parry's inability to make a decision which could be stopping Benitez scewing up our money again in the transfer market