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  • Haha, you really are STILL a Minion of Muppetry i see steer-oid. Indeed, I haven't followed YOU or anyone around here since last season ended. Well except for those ripping me off and stealing my id recently which have all been swiftly despatched upon my celebrated return to the group. Unfortunately, it seems my original id was compromised by the haters and fakes too, but no worries. The slate is wiped clean.. just like at the beginning of every season!

    Yes, it's late here in Geneva shinehead but I'm a bit long in the tooth to be out clubbing and pubbing these days... much like yourself ;-)

    Now, down to business. FOOTBALL. The problem with us sending players down to the Championship chrome dome is emphasised EXACTLY by what has happened to Nemeth. It's a much more aggressive, thuggish mentality down there with less pace, skill and movement. As Rafa has shown numerous times before - very few, if ANY of our lads make it back up form the lower leagues and none at all have made it into the first team under him. A completely pointless excercise that looks to have cost Nemeth and us dearly.... but hopefully at rafa's ultimate expense.

    Now, forget the fakes and multi id posers, forget the ill-fated title push and get ready for the Superbowl Steer... i'm guessing youre going for the Steelers... let's hope you don't JINX them like you did Nemeth though amigo! hah

    Often imitated NEVER bettered.