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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 27, 2009 23:25 Flag

    Good news on Nemeth

    Many have shouted the praised of Nemeth, and questioned why he's not had a chance with the first team. But think the short loan move to Blackpool is great news. He'll get the chance to play regular football, and in the championship a cut above the reserve league.

    He's young (20) so should not not be rushed before he's ready. But, the rough and tumble of the championship will tell us if he's near.

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    • Now that, minus the personal jabs, is a valid argument of why you should not loan out players to lower divisions. So why did you not state that to begin with, rather than thowing vitual eggs around?

      I don't agree with you, as I think players need to be challenged, and the reserves does not do that. But at least I'm willing to listen to a counter argument.

    • Haha, you really are STILL a Minion of Muppetry i see steer-oid. Indeed, I haven't followed YOU or anyone around here since last season ended. Well except for those ripping me off and stealing my id recently which have all been swiftly despatched upon my celebrated return to the group. Unfortunately, it seems my original id was compromised by the haters and fakes too, but no worries. The slate is wiped clean.. just like at the beginning of every season!

      Yes, it's late here in Geneva shinehead but I'm a bit long in the tooth to be out clubbing and pubbing these days... much like yourself ;-)

      Now, down to business. FOOTBALL. The problem with us sending players down to the Championship chrome dome is emphasised EXACTLY by what has happened to Nemeth. It's a much more aggressive, thuggish mentality down there with less pace, skill and movement. As Rafa has shown numerous times before - very few, if ANY of our lads make it back up form the lower leagues and none at all have made it into the first team under him. A completely pointless excercise that looks to have cost Nemeth and us dearly.... but hopefully at rafa's ultimate expense.

      Now, forget the fakes and multi id posers, forget the ill-fated title push and get ready for the Superbowl Steer... i'm guessing youre going for the Steelers... let's hope you don't JINX them like you did Nemeth though amigo! hah

      Often imitated NEVER bettered.

    • PS whats an avatar?????? dyou eat it or wear it???

    • but Paisley......my Dad once told me "theres nothing in life thats free son" and its true 'cos those deadbeats might have been freetransfers but I bet they were/are on a pretty good screw for wages. Wether its forkin' out to buy players or forkin' out to pay players its still costing the club a mint.....but at the end of the day its not coming out of Rafas pocket so what the eck.

    • Nice avatar I agree. Looks a bit like King Craig......

    • darling, why drag the name of our club though the mud by mentioning our cl loss, our win percentage is only 85% compared to those cocky mancs who have never lost a european final. shame on you. come out the bathroom now.

    • the way I ad those two results up is that on both occasions we were on a humiliation to nothing until fate (Kewels injury) and the G man (on both occasions) took a hand to pull Rafas nuts out of the fire.

    • Hey Paisley...............I only ventured the suggestion that he hadnt seen them and didnt know 'out about them 'cos its the only one which could explain a lot of his "big money buys" over past years which have subsequently failed to impress him Keane, Degan, Dossena, Voronin, Bellamy, Crouch, Gonzalez etc etc.........there is a lot of "wasted" dosh there its no wonder that the Yanks are a bit diffident about giving him complete access to their cheque books............not that there's any money in their piggy banks right now...but its the thought what counts innit?

    • Can't call someone who wins the European Cup and FA Cup a failure. It took Fergie years to win a trophy. I'd actually say Benitez is similar to Houllier though, as both have that knack for infuriating fans at times with questionable negative tactics.

    • Yep. Fully agree it's good news to get these guys regular football. Having spent lots on the youth/reserve team over the last three years I'm hoping to see more of them fight their way into the first team. There are some promising signs this season - long may it continue.