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  • Patrick_Kopkings Patrick_Kopkings Jan 29, 2009 22:47 Flag

    I don't know about you but......

    I've supported LFC for as long as I can remember and till this year, I never thought that we had a squad capable of "challenging" for the EPL. This time last year, we were already out of the race, and this year, even though we're only 2 point behind the leaders (possibly 5), the way the team's performing, I can safely say that we'll struggle to even finish 4th.

    Our top players, namely Torres, Gerrard, Mascherano and to a certain extent Kuyt, have been absent in most of the matches. Their performances abysmal, their contributions to the LFC cause, non-existent. Some might say that Torres was injured, so F***** what??? He's past his injuries, he's back to his fitness, but his commitment is not there. The same applies to Gerrard , Masch and Kuyt. Whatever they do, Rafa and all supporters will never get on their back!!!!

    I have to admit that, if I was offered this situation back in August, I would have taken it with open arms. Of course not knowing how we would have won the points. Luck smiled on us for a brief moment and our players or manager, didn't capitalise on the situation. We should have been at least 4 or 5 points clear of everyone, but thanks to our beloved manager (who knows F*** all about English football) and our over paid and adored "professional" players, we find ourselves in 3rd position up till Sunday cause we could potentially end the week in 4th.

    Everton; I've watched both games against Everton, and they have played both games as if their lives depended on the result. They stole nothing, in fact I think that we scraped through both games. It's called spirit and commitment. Our players are happy enough that at the end of the week, the salary and bonuses are injected into their already fat accounts, and they simply don't give a shit about the supporters and their emotions.

    Man U; I'll just ask this...Why is it that we struggle to get a draw against the likes of Stoke, Hull, Wigan and all other so called mid-table teams, while they totally obliterate their defences up to to the last seconds of injury time???? One simple answer, it's called belief. Our players either don't believe in their capabilities of getting a last gasp goal or they are totally complacent and think that our inferior teams will simply lie down and get trampled upon!!! That's the difference between us and them.

    Don't get me wrong, I will forever be a red fan, through the wind and rain and I simply wish that I could say these things to the players face to face. I'll just hope that this nightmare ends soon and all concerned get back on track and show more passion, something, I believe died, when rafa walked in.

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    • Honest post Pat. Even if I don't agree with all of it, got to say it comes straight from the heart. I hope our current downturn is a matter of form, and therefore can be corrected, and corrected fast if we are to stay in the race.

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      • Lots of folk extremely pissed off at the moment , our Reds had
        better play the A-team sunday or there'll be hell to pay. I've
        defended Rafa right down the line......none of us are managers
        of world class football sides.....so none of us are qualified to
        bitch and moan about his moves.....................still , it puzzles
        , perplexes and some of his recent moves have been downright
        pull-your-hair-out bloody strange. A convincing win would go a
        long way toward silencing critics.

        Shaken ....but not stirred ( just yet ).

    • I can feel your frustration. I am equally upset with the recent run of games. How could they be so good against Newcastle and then followed that up with a poor run.
      I don't doubt the players' commitment. But I think there is a collective belief that luck is against them. It starts playing on their mind and they start getting nervous and run of out ideas in front of goals. I think RB has to be blamed for some decisions that puzzled even his players. He did not give them enough assurance and it starts to play on their mind too.
      Oh well, we need a run of 3 good games to get that belief back. Hopefully, it starts with Chelsea. I think we used up our share of luck in the early part of the seasons with those near death matches. I just hope our rivals have also used up their with their last gasp victory.
      Stay hopeful, it is part of being a fan. Cheers!