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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 1, 2009 20:44 Flag

    You Lot are the WORST Fans....

    Lets forget for a BRIEF moment the fact you support the 'SHAME of Europe', the fact you have thrown away a 9 point lead is no reason to start babbling on about United getting help from refs, thats just pathetic, its what SORE LOSERS do - FACT.

    United are superior to you in EVERY department, if you didn't have Gerrard and Torres you'd be mid-table, because the rest of your team are made up of very AVERAGE players - FACT.

    BEST left back in the world, best Centre back, Best PLAYER in the world, best defence, best manager, take your pick!

    United are about to be crowned CHAMPIONS for the third consecutive season, and its not the first time Fergies done that either!

    Stop being such a bunch of whinging c*nts for a change. Just admit, like Carragher ALWAYS does, that United are an incredible team, and you just can't match them!

    Forever in OUR Shadow.

    YNWA.......You'll Never Win (the league) Again!

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    • what a surprise a typically arrogant post from a typically arrogant manure fan .............. but then again you always believe your own hype
      "if you didn't have Gerrard and Torres you'd be mid-table" ............ go and sit in the corner with your dunces hat on, is simplistic statements such as this that expose the typical glory hunting manure fans lack of footballing knowledge - its just as bad as the muppets from manure that come on lamenting about gerrards "simulation" when they have divaldo, rooney, carrick and nani that form part of the world champions elite dive team

      you all seem to have a basic lack of footballing knowledge - but then thats what we'd expect from a fanbase that is relatively new.

      your welcome to stay on our boards lad - maybe you'll learn something and just maybe you'll listen.

    • YNWA.......You'll Never Win (the league) Again!

      Now that's clever! Oh except the (the league) bit I just can't see that bit in the YNWA.

      Pratt...................... Is the a gap between th W&A? No! I've an idea keep your smelly carcous on your own board!

    • I Suggest that don't coun t your chickens before they are hatched .. It Is still possible for several teams to catch Untited before the end of the season.. They could well surprise you.