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  • lampard was the 6th player to recieve his marching orders for a foul on alonso.

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    • I'll agree that Lampard should not have been sent off, but think this was an honest mistake by the ref. Fact is Lampard was in first, got a bit of the ball, and his follow through got Xavi.

      But don't tell me studs into the foot don't hurt. And think you should take a look at the red cards given out on fouls against Alonso, and think you'll find most if not all were deserved late tackles coming in high and late.

      If the FA decide to recind the card against Lampard, I'll have not complaints. But then again, I'd also have not complaints if Boswinga also gets punishments for his studs into Yossi's back. The assistant ref, who was 5 yards away got some explaining to do on that one.

    • Yeah, and theres still about half the season left, so that could double to 12 lol

      I think its because he is clever, but also some times slow on the ball. He suckers players into commiting the foul and then like all players makes a meal out of it.

      Viva Alonso!

      He has been one of our best players of the season so far. Im so glad we didnt end up selling him last summer.