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  • I wish I knew the full story on Robbie Keane's transfer. All I can say is that having seen him in the red shirt, I haven't been impressed at all, and a lot of the commentators have talked absolute baloney when they say he hasn't played in his correct position. Gerrard for season after season is played out of position. Kuyt is played out of position. They both still do well enough to stay in the team. Keane has started up top and he has started behind AN other, and I can think of three times at least that the AN Other was Torres.

    I like Rafa have been hugely underwhelmed by Keane's attitude, and although he hasn't gone public with any dissatisfaction which many players would have, he HAS whinged and moaned his way through most of his minutes on pitch, and his atitude towards getting the hook after 60/70mins is no less than appalling.

    I think its the best outcome all round if he completes his move back, and I was seriously worried we;d lose half our outlay, rather than just 5m!

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    • Does Keane count towards our home grown players in the ECL quota?

      If so who will replace him unless Rafa has an up and coming jewel.

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      • ..doesn't look like anyone is replacing him at this moment.

        What a really, really bad bit of business by LFC...I feel embarrassed about the way Keane was treated, but feel really aggrieved that whoever signed him will get off scott-free...

        Whether it was Parry, Benitez or both, I think an explanation is due to the fans.

        Who in their right mind would employ someone that can lose you £5m in 5 months !!!

        If there is no replacement I think it is a bad move to have sold him - I don't fancy relying on Kuyt, Babel or N'gog to step into Torres' shoes if he gets injured.

        Liverpools management is on a par with a Keystone Cops movie