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  • Paul J Paul J Feb 2, 2009 17:50 Flag

    Keane Gone

    According to the Independent a deal has been struck for Keane to return to Spurs for around £15million.


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    • I really do not understand why Keane has not been a better player for us but hay these things happen in the game.

      It looks like Rafa can now pick the players he wants to buy from now on to take us forward so happy days something good may of come from this affair.

    • Think I've been clear in my backing of Rafa in the past, but this one I have to put on Rafa's shoulders. There is no way that Keane was bought without Rafa's agreement, or at least knowledge. And, he must have known what kind of player Keane was. How many times have we played Spurs while Rafa has been with us.

      For me this is a great shame. I've always liked Keane, and the thought of us getting a proven striker, who is also a die hard Red, was mouth watering to me.

      I don't think he's become a bad player overnight, although obviously form and confidence has fallen. But I think the main problem is he's not a great fit into our system. I think Rafa thought he was getting a back up for Torres or Kuyt, but in fact he's a better fit in the position that Gerrard now fills.

      If he goes, then that is the way it has to be. But, this one has to go into Rafa's accounting column.

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      • I wish I knew the full story on Robbie Keane's transfer. All I can say is that having seen him in the red shirt, I haven't been impressed at all, and a lot of the commentators have talked absolute baloney when they say he hasn't played in his correct position. Gerrard for season after season is played out of position. Kuyt is played out of position. They both still do well enough to stay in the team. Keane has started up top and he has started behind AN other, and I can think of three times at least that the AN Other was Torres.

        I like Rafa have been hugely underwhelmed by Keane's attitude, and although he hasn't gone public with any dissatisfaction which many players would have, he HAS whinged and moaned his way through most of his minutes on pitch, and his atitude towards getting the hook after 60/70mins is no less than appalling.

        I think its the best outcome all round if he completes his move back, and I was seriously worried we;d lose half our outlay, rather than just 5m!

    • How on earth a player who has scored 5 goals in a season where he has been destroyed by Rafa is a better sell than cant trap a ball, runs around like an eeejit Kuyt I dont know. Keane is the 3rd best goal scorer this season even with the shannanigans he was subjected to.. What Benitez likes about Kuyt I'll never know. Good luck Robbie.. but not against us

    • But I think the good news is, now there is a spot waiting to be filled up by a striker in the summer.

      I personally think that, with Rafa getting his new contract extension with more say on transfer and buying of players, in addition that Rafa is Spanish, the two most likely strikers that would fill up the place could be Sergio Aguero or surprisingly, could be the unsettled Tevez.

      20 million something for Liverpool to get Tevez looks possible seeing that Robbie Keane is now gone and some money is now in the fund. I feel that Rafa will play the waiting game, wait to see if Man Utd really want to sign Tevez or let him go. If it is the first case, Rafa could possibly go for Sergio Aguero instead. If it is the second case, Rafa could persuade Tevez to join him. Man Utd may not be pleased with that for sure but they have the option to keep Tevez in the first place. It is up to Man Utd now.

      Aguero is younger but Tevez is more experienced and has more reputation. Besides, Aguero style is somewhat similar to Torres though they used to play together in La Liga but Tevez is a totally different player than Torres that he could give something different to the team. Two different strikers most likely play well together than two similar ones.

      But it still depends on Rafa's decision, and the outcome of Tevez's eventual belonging. Though I don't really like to see Tevez leaving Man Utd, but if he does leave but opts to stay in EPL, Liverpool or even Manchester City is the two good and likely future clubs for him. He could play well under either Rafa or Mark Hughes.

      But I may speak too soon. :)

    • Bit lost for words are we? Couldnt really say much back i suppose, bet you feel a right tw*t now. Crawl back to ya bin

    • i dont agree AS2204, Keane has been a regular in the side since he joined just about because we have been missing Torres. 28 Games even only playing for 60 minutes in my reckoning is a lot more than Babel for example.

      12 months ago we splashed 22mill on Torres with instant return, I'm sorry Keane hasnt done that and I would have expected a better return than 7 goals in 28 games - for a proven premiership striker, playing alongside one of the most creative midfields in European football he at times looked like he couldnt hit a barn door with a shovel. Even Crouch had a better return and he was picked up for a third of what we paid for Keane.

      It was noted from day one that no-one knew how Liverpool would accomodate him in the team - Torres will always be first name on the sheet along with Gerrard and to be fair to Keane he is not a 2nd string striker he should be leading the line, but in a team that is set up to play to his strengths. Liverpool are set up to play to Gerrards and Torres strengths and when Keane did lead the line - he failed to link up with Gerrard the same way that Torres does.

      Sometimes, what might appear to be a good signing can soon appear to be a bad one. Was Keane putting too much pressure on himself by being a life long red playing in front of the Kop - maybe.

      We were all excited by the arrival of Robbie Keane in the summer - the sort of high quality signing we have yearned for - however you mentioned Alex Ferguson in your post, wasn't it he who questioned why Liverpool had paid 19mill for Keane.

      The unfortunate fact is that Keane, is a very good footballer but clearly didnt fit in with the style and formation that Rafa wants to play, the formation that played Chelsea off the park yesterday, and the formation that against Everton last week had 70 odd percent of the possession.

      Just going back to Alex Ferguson as well, he too has paid top moeny for players and ended up getting it wrong - Veron is a perfect example of that. And by the way does anyone criticise Fergie for leaving £30mill Tevez on the bench each week.....dont think so somehow.

    • Fair comment on the goals front, but take a look at Spikes post. Fact is Robbie was not fitting into the system. Kuyt may also not be a player that can lead the line, but he's been damn useful on the wing, and I believe from that position he's picked up enough goals to be 4th on our goal scorers list.

      Bottom line, while I've always like Keane, and really hoped he'd be a great player for us, its about the team. The team plays in a system, and it does not matter how good an idividual is, if he can't fit into that system, he's not going to make the team better.

    • Its very clear that robbie keane was not playing bad for liverpool. He just didnt get any games and when he did was played out of position or as a lone striker. You dont become a bad player overnight, benitez just doesnt have a clue as a manager. He really is light years behind sir alex. Keane was treated like crap and im sure he is glad to be gone.

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    • u got to admit he has treated keane a lot worse then players like kuyt and lucas who are poor. he has his favourites.
      i also think keane struggled at liverpool because u are a very defensive, negative and unattacking team. he wants to play just 1 up front and also when u do score he sits back and defends.
      u are a really good at defending, but ur attacking play is poor.
      whereas at spurs we attack a lot and play positivily which is why keane thrived here. but are defensive side is poor.
      if u think u can win the title with ngog, kuyt and torres as ur strikers then u are kidding urselves. torres is good but very injury prone,misses quite a few chances and easy to push off the ball. also rafa is way to negative and cant admit when his favourites arent playin well and persists with them.
      kuyt,dosenna and lucas are poor.

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